Pinball FX3 Unleashes Jaws in New Trailer

By Ashley Woodcock,
Announced last month, we knew that Jaws was coming as one of the launch tables for ZEN Studios' upcoming Pinball FX3. Now, the full body has emerged after seeing the fin approach from the distance with the release of a new trailer showcasing what it will be like to play as the shark in various game modes based on select movie scenes.

Take a look at the list of features to come with the Jaws Pinball table:

  • Find and defeat the great white shark threatening Amity Island in Quint's Main Modes!
  • Terrorize Amity Island's local residents and visiting tourists in the Jaws Main Modes!
  • Keep the ball in play during the Raging Sea mode as the table becomes unsteady and the sea takes control!
  • Start different multiballs, play fast-paced frenzy modes and max out your score!
  • Set sail as night falls or navigate just before sunset!
Jaws Screen

The pinball table will be available as part of the "Universal Classics Pinball" collection in Pinball FX3 when the full game releases. When that is exactly is yet to be revealed.

We've got the full list of Pinball FX3 trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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