Weekend Announcements August 25th-27th Pt. 2: Pixeljunk, Raiden V and More

By Rebecca Smith,
Following on from part one, part two brings another 13 titles to check out. Here they are:

League of War: VR Arena

MunkyFun's strategy franchise League of War is coming to Playstation 4 as an exclusive VR experience in the form of an "arena-based arcade war game". Players take on human or AI opponents on the battlefield and fight for victory by placing and aiming their units for the sole purpose of destroying those belonging to the opposition. Each army has 12 units that include tanks, flamethrowers, helicopters and commanders and Move controllers can be used to directly control the units in real time. Energy is required to deploy each unit with some costing more than others. How your energy is best used is up to you. You'll get to try the game out this autumn and more details have been promised before the game is released.

Let's Sing 2018

The latest instalment in Voxler's Let's Sing franchise will be hitting Playstation 4 from October 20th. The tracklist will include 30 hits such as Coldplay's “Hymn For The Weekend”, Alan Walker's “Faded”, Gnash ft. Olivia O'Brien with “I Hate U, I Love U”, Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie with “Rockabye”, Lukas Graham's “7 Years”, Calvin Harris' “My Way” and The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey with “Closer”. Players can sing individually or together with up to four players in four game modes, including the new Mixtape mode. As well as USB microphones, SingStar microphones and gaming headsets, the game will support the Let’s Sing Microphone app for Android (4.0 or later) and iOS (iOS 7 or later) phones.

Light Tracer

Oasis Games will be bringing yet another VR title to the Playstation 4 in the form of Void Dimensions' puzzle platformer. Players must lead a princess to the top of a "Babel-like" tower to try and save her subjects. You will be wielding godlike powers to manipulate objects and create a safe path for her to reach the top of the tower. You'll also have a Light Staff that guides her forward while you manipulate the world, but why are you helping her out? You'll find out when the game is released next month.

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

Studio Trigger's popular Netflix anime series Little Witch Academia will noe be getting a video game spin-off in APLUS' side-scrolling 3D action RPG beat ‘em up. Although the game features the main characters from the anime series, the original storyline tells the story of Atsuko (Akko) Kagari who enrolls at Luna Nova Magical Academy where she hopes to train as a witch. Before the summer holiday begins, Akko and her classmates find out about an inexplicable phenomenon caused by the Seven Wonders, something that has been passed down for several centuries. It is up to Akko to solve the mystery of this phenomenon. The title will be coming to Playstation 4 early next year.

Manifest 99

Despite their moniker, Flight School Studio's upcoming title has nothing to do with planes or flying. Their first title will instead be a "story-driven, interactive narrative VR experience" that is set in the afterlife. Players are placed on a mysterious train whose main inhabitants are a murder of crows and four travel companions who are travelling to their final destination. The game doesn't use a controller; instead, players stare directly at the crows to be able to move to their perch, or to connect with your travelling companions to discover more about them — specifically why they are on the train. You might even find out why you're on there too. The title will be released on September 12th.

Monkey King: Hero Is Back (Asia)

Not satisfied with just one title, Oasis Games is also bringing Hexa Drive's action game to Playstation 4. The game is based on the film of the same name, which tells the story of the Monkey King who is imprisoned by the Gods for 500 years. He is released from the curse by a child but must "save an innocent village from the evil Mountain Lord and his monstrous army". The game puts players in the role of either the Monkey King himself or Jiang Lieur, a young monk in training. As well as following the story of the film, there will be new chapters, enemies and levels that are unique to the game.

Neon City Riders

Mecha Studios' "2D action-adventure game" takes place in a not so distant cyberpunk/nu-wave future. Almost every city inhabitant is part of a gang that each has their own superpower and turf wars are a frequent occurrence. The metropolis is unbalanced and the only way that peace will ever be restored is for all of the gang leaders to be defeated and the city to be united again. Players can search the entire open world city for new items, abilities, superpowers and companions that will help in your quest. The title is currently cheduled for Playstation 4 in April 2018.

Phantom Doctrine

CreativeForge Games' turn-based tactical Cold War espionage title is set in 1983 during an alternate Cold War. Players lead the Cabal, a secret organization whose intention is to fight a global conspiracy that pits world leaders and nations against each other. Set up a base of operations, recruit agents from around the world and research new technology to help your mission. Interrogate and brainwash enemies and agents, decode and analyze intelligence and operate from the shadows. Use stealth by disguising as a citizen to infiltrate areas undetected, or send in your operatives armed to the teeth for "explosive, all-out attacks". The title is coming to unspecified consoles in 2018.

PixelJunk VR Dead Hungry

The latest in the Pixeljunk franchise heads onto Playstation VR for the first time. Players are tasked with defeating the zombie hordes by taking their burger van out to the desolate town and defeating the zombies with freshly created food. There will be a variety of foods to create and zombies to defeat across 30 stages. If you achieve the title of Grill Master on each stage, you'll unlock more items and strategies to help you in your quest. The game will work with both Move controllers and the Dualshock 4 when it arrives at some point in the future.

Plant Fire Department Simulator

Following on from Airport Fire Department, UIG Entertainment's next simulator this time takes the flames to a different location. Fire can also be very destructive in a factory setting if left unchecked, so your and your team will need to battle everything from structural fires to gas explosions. You'll have a range of equipment and special vehicles at your disposal as you attempt to save lives. The game will be coming to Playstation 4 later this year.

Racing Apex

Curve Digital's third and final title at Gamescom was Lucky Mountain Games' racing title that's inspired by classic arcade racers. Combining rapid driving with vehicular combat, players aim is to win the race even if that means destroying all of their opponents in the process. There will be a large number of characters, vehicles and weapons to use in your quest to become Racing Apex champion. The variety of race modes will include local and online multiplayer too. The title is heading to unspecified consoles in 2018.

Raiden V: Director's Cut

The infamous arcade shoot 'em up franchise is still going strong after 27 years and it hasn't calmed down in its old age. For the first time in the franchise, players take to the skies of real locations, such as New York, Paris and London, when the most powerful weapons are taken over by an alien race known as the Cranassians. It is up to the Raiden supersonic attack fighter squad to save the earth from devastation at the hands of the aliens. The physical limited edition will also include the game's soundtrack on CD when it is released on Playstation 4 on October 6th.

Rapala Fishing Pro Series

The latest instalment in the Rapala franchise will be arriving on the latest generation of consoles. Become the next Rapala Pro Angler as you compete in fishing tournaments across North America. The game will feature real lakes, officially licensed equipment and dozens of fish species. Players can work their way through six environments with the help of GPS, track fish with the fish finder and work out the best equipment to use to land your ideal fish. Tournament winnings can be used to purchase better equipment, such as boats, reels, poles, apparel, lures and lines. There will also be a Free Fishing mode for those who fancy a more relaxed pick up and play experience. For those who are more competitive, there will be global leaderboards and daily online challenges. The game will be coming to Playstation 4 on October 24th.

Stay tuned for part 3!
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Written by Rebecca Smith
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