Mass Effect Andromeda Will Have No Further Single Player Content or Patches

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It's fair to say that Mass Effect: Andromeda has never been far from controversy. Despite a five-year development cycle, the game that released six months ago was plagued by performance and stability issues, especially with regards to facial animations. Recent updates have improved the situation, if not remedied it completely. Now, however, Bioware has officially confirmed there will be no further support for the single player component with no plans to release further patches or DLC.

Mass Effect: Andromeda March screens 19

In a statement released via the Mass Effect website, Bioware thanked the community for the feedback received since the game's launch but that version 1.10 represents the final update, There are no further patches planned for the single player modes or additional in-game story content. Multiplayer will continue to be supported and the team behind it will be providing details of this in the coming days. This will include what to expect in terms of new multiplayer missions, character kits, and what’s in store for N7 Day.

Coupled with the recent announcement that plans for further instalments have been put on ice for the foreseeable future, these are uncertain times for fans of the franchise. One glimmer of hope, though, is that Bioware stated that they will continue to tell stories set in the Andromeda Galaxy through their upcoming comics and novels, including one of Mass Effect Andromeda's biggest mysteries: the fate of the Quarian ark.

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