The Elder Scrolls Online Horns Of The Reach Release Date and Details

By Dave Bricker, 11 months ago
On August 29th, the The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited DLC “Horns of the Reach” will release with two new dungeons. In addition to the previously released details, “Horns of the Reach” will launch with Update 15 featuring free gameplay, additions, updates, and fixes.

Horns of the Reach screenshots

Quality of Life Improvements

Combat Cue Customization settings have been added to update 15. In game combat, cues can now be color coded. Color and brightness can be changed for enemy and friendly combat. To customize your Combat Cues, navigate to Settings, then select Gameplay and find Combat Cues and Custom Colors under the Combat section.

Adding to the quality of life improvements are Alliance Points and Writ Voucher storage for those who are PVP players or master crafters. You can share both AP and Writ Vouchers with any of your other characters by going to a banker and using the Deposit Currency option. While AP can be stored and transferred between characters, Alliance Rank or Alliance War Skill Lines will not transfer. You can also withdraw AP and Writ Vouchers via the Withdraw Currency option like Gold or Tel Var Stones.

Horns of the Reach screenshots

Guild Improvements

Guild management has also been improved with the incorporation of guild invite history functions. Guildmasters and other members can check who the guild invited and allow players to manage their rosters. You can go into the Guild menu and navigate to History, then select Roster. Also included in this change is a setting that allows Guildmasters to determine whether members of the guild can view their finances. This is selectable via the View Guild Bank permission setting in the Guild’s Rank menu.

Horns of the Reach screenshots

Crafting Improvements

Cancelling research is available for anyone who wants to cancel crafting in order to try something different. You can cancel any in-progress research immediately, although the repercussion of this is that the item will be destroyed and will not be restored. You need to use a Crafting Station, go to the Research menu, find the item you wish to cancel, Cancel Research and then confirm. Included in crafting improvements is the ability to improve equipped gear while wearing it, whereas previously you had to get naked. This is under the Equipped section of the item type.

Horns of the Reach screenshots

“Horns of the Reach” will release on August 29th.

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