ADVENT's New Recruits Shown Off In Latest XCOM 2 Inside Look

By Andy Mills, 11 months ago
Despite all the units — human and alien — revealed for the upcoming XCOM 2 expansion "War of the Chosen", none of them had been for the ADVENT, the organisation that teamed up with the aliens in the first place. Thanks to the latest inside look, that changes with not one, not two, but three new units revealed by the team at Firaxis.


Those three units are the Purifier, the Priest and the Spectre. Packed with both a flamethrower and incendiary grenades, the Purifier was made to take down the Lost. The Priest is a psionic-focused unit that includes the ability to boost fellow units. Finally, there's the Spectre, a unit that can transform into a dark cloud amongst other rather unique abilities.

You'll have to take on these new ADVENT soldiers when "War of the Chosen" launches for XCOM 2 on August 29th.

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Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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