Watch_Dogs 2 Title Update 1.17 Detailed, May Be The Last Update

By Ashley Woodcock,
Title update 1.17 for Watch_Dogs 2 aims to eliminate the remaining bugs that have been present in the game, with the focus of the patch being fully on the four-player party mode and co-op. Ubisoft believes that this patch may be all that is needed to leave players with a solid and bug-free game as the developer has stated that they "do not foresee releasing any additional title updates after this patch".

Watch_Dogs 2

With the possibility of this being the last patch for the game, let's see what's in store for those teaming up for some hacking-filled fun in the party and co-op modes:

Leaderboard seasons will also continue on and will reset in November. This will offer the chance to earn any clothing rewards items you may have missed in the last year!


  • Fixed exploit where a bounty event is automatically completed when entering Marin HQ tunnel.
  • Fixed situation where mission objective could become desynced after join in progress for Man Vs Machine.
  • Dedsec NPCs will no longer multiply when a party member leaves an online session and rejoins inside the Hackerspace.
  • Fixed cases where fast travel to another player would stop working.
  • Fixed an issue where a player would be unable to move after dying in Showd0wn.


  • Fixed issue where the second hunter was not always teleported to a bounty target.
  • Fixed an issue where coop hunters could be disconnected from each other when Bounty is completed.
  • Fixed issue of players not always being engaged to the Loot Truck event when joining through the menu.
  • Fixed cases where Loot Truck event could suddenly end and players are disconnected from co-op session.
  • During a hacking invasion, fixed cases where co-op party was disbanded.
  • Update fix to the infinite “Connecting” message in certain circumstances.
The latest patch for Watch_Dogs 2 will go live at some point this week.

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Ashley Woodcock
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