Hob Gets Release Date, Trophy Contest

By Brandon Fusco,
Hob, the next game from the developer of Torchlight, has finally received a release date. To both celebrate this and bring people up to speed, the developer has shared six facts that you may not have known. Most importantly, they have announced a trophy naming competition, which can earn you a spot in the credits and a free copy of the game.

1. The sprites are plants

These cute little creatures that magically zip in and out of your life are actually sentient plants! Our lead Engineer, Marsh Lefler, gives you more clues in our dev diary, Meet the Sprites. Which makes us wonder, would a grouping of sprites be called a bouquet?

2. The world is a puzzle

You’ve seen some impressive in-game footage of land masses shooting out of the mechanical depths to fall and lock into place. But did you know the whole world of Hob is this way? Forests, dungeons, meadows, and areas we’ve kept super secret can only be accessed once you raise or activate those parts of the world. Want a hint about one of the (unannounced zones) you’ll be discovering? Make sure you watch to the end of our release day trailer above, but we warn you… spoilers!

3. Are you really the first?

Along your journey, you’ll collect sword shards in the world and be able to upgrade your weapon. But where you get them just might be more intriguing than how. Dotted throughout the world are the Fallen Soldiers – cloaked figures with a silhouette not unlike your own, kneeling beneath a patina of age and rust. Around you are the ruins of a civilization, so what happened to these Fallen Soldiers? And could you possibly be related? You’ll have to play to uncover the mystery!

4. The world is true-neutral

From twitching purple claws of Rogue Life to the majestic stilt-horses wandering the plains, the world is teeming with life. Nothing, however, is inherently good or evil. Instead, all of the life forms are locked in a Darwinian struggle for the survival of their own species. Some creatures may try to eat you, others could become your friends. Where do you fit in?

5. Hob isn’t his or her name

At the very beginning when we started development, we just called it “adventure game.” Later, like most projects, we had an internal code name for the game, which was Hob. That name obviously stuck! But what’s important is that “Hob” isn’t his or her name; in fact, the Hero in Hob is gender-neutral. We want you to see yourself in the story!

6. Created by the Torchlight team

Hob is our third title, after Torchlight and Torchlight II. We know it’s a big change from what our fan base is used to, but we are gamers ourselves who, like you, love playing a wide variety of games! Just like we put our own style and spin on the dungeon-crawler genre, we’ve put our own style and spin on the puzzle-platformer genre. We are immensely proud of Hob, and hope that if you loved our previous games, you’ll love Hob as much as we do.
The development team is also soliciting ideas for several trophies in the game. If your trophy name is chosen, your name will go in the credits and you'll have a chance to win some neat swag. To participate, see the Runic Games blog for more details.

Hob launches on September 26th at $19.99 for PlayStation 4. If you pre-order, you'll get 10% off as well as the world-shift dashboard theme featuring music from Matt Uelmen.

We've got the full list of Hob trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Brandon Fusco
Written by Brandon Fusco
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