Top Five Quarterbacks Revealed for Madden NFL 18

By Mark Delaney,
Each year the Madden player ratings become a fun but contentious point of debate for fans and players alike. Today EA revealed the top five QB ratings for the game's launch. As you may know, the Madden ratings are constantly in flux as players gain or lose attribute points based on their real life performance, but for the launch of "Madden Season", those initial ratings can get people quite boisterous. Below are the Top Five quarterbacks according to Madden NFL 18's launch ratings.

5. Ben Roethlisberger - Pittsburgh Steelers

The long time Steelers signal caller has been to three Super Bowls and won two of them in his somewhat underrated career with Pittsburgh. He is famous for playing through injuries, being tough to sack, and having great pocket awareness. His injury history might eventually shorten his career, but he's still playing at a high level and that's reflected in EA Tiburon's sim. He opens Madden 18 with an overall rating of 91.

4. Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints

Brees was all but abandoned by the league a decade ago when he was coming off surgery on his rotator cuff. The Miami Dolphins famously elected to sign Daunte Culpepper over Brees in their search for a new quarterback back in 2006. That didn't go so well for them, but it's gone great for Brees. He won the Super Bowl with the Saints in 2010 and has pretty much broken passing records every year since he joined the Saints, often times even breaking his own records. He comes in at an overall of 92.

3. Matt Ryan - Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are the butt of countless jokes and memes these days after they blew a 28-3 lead late in the third quarter of the Super Bowl last February, but even in that game the Boston College alum played very well, like he did all year in his MVP season. His stellar surrounding talent is mostly returning to the team alongside him this year, although they'll be without offensive coordinator guru Kyle Shanahan who departed for San Francisco. Ryan is at the height of his career right now and putting him to use in Madden should be just as fun as it is to watch him on autumn Sundays. He opens Madden this year at a 96.

2. Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers

Noticing a theme with the quarterbacks? In almost all cases, these elite players have never played for another team. That's again the case with Rodgers, who waited patiently for his chance to lead the Packers until Brett Favre retired, and has since then been more accurate, elusive, and arguably more impressive overall than the legend he replaced. Rodgers has won one Super Bowl so far but, like Ryan, is in the prime of his career and is an every year favorite to win it all. He begins Madden 18 at a near perfect 98 overall rating.

1. Tom Brady - New England Patriots


Was there ever any doubt? The greatest player to ever play the position is also the deserved cover star of Madden NFL 18. Brady is coming off his fifth Super Bowl victory in seven appearances (both are league records) and is beginning to make people wonder if he's maybe a humanoid automaton designed specifically to dominate the National Football League. At age 40, he's playing better than he ever has and, if healthy, is all but a lock to be playing deep into January in the upcoming season. He opens the game with — duh — a 99 overall rating.

On the topic of ratings, EA has made it an annual tradition to playfully tease incoming rookies over their debut Madden ratings. It seems each year players overrate themselves and that again is on display in this new video from the publisher and the studio at Tiburon.

Madden NFL 18 hits the field on August 25th with early game time available to those that pre-order the G.O.A.T. edition.

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Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
Mark has been gaming for over two decades and writing for the TrueGaming Network since 2011. He greatly prefers single-player to online modes, but is always taking challengers in Rocket League and Madden. Aside from games, he loves sci-fi, NFL football (go Titans), and biking. He'll be disappointed when The Last of Us 2 is announced.
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