Rebellion Video Teaser Of Upcoming Titles

By Dave Bricker,
Rebellion is a British company known for games such as Sniper Elite 4, Aliens vs. Predator, and Zombie Army Trilogy. The Oxford company posted a video featuring Jason Kingsley, the CEO of Rebellion, with some footage of two of their upcoming releases, ROGUE TROOPER REDUX and Strange Brigade.

Mr. Kingsley explained some of the new features in the Rogue Trooper REDUX remake, including an update to the UI interface and a graphical overhaul. The gameplay from the original game will stay intact. The original game was released on Xbox in 2006 and Wii in 2009.

Rogue is one of the Genetic Infantrymen ('GIs'), an army of bio-engineered soldiers, created by Southers to fight their all out war against the colonial Nort regime. Not only can GIs survive the poisonous surface of Nu Earth unharmed, but their enhanced abilities make them a phenomenal force.

And yet, Rogue is the last GI standing following a devastating massacre that all but wipes out his kind. Carrying the consciousnesses of three fallen comrades as biochips implanted in his equipment, enhancing his powers further, Rogue transforms from super soldier into a one-man squad of death and destruction. He knows no allegiance but to his own mission, and he is hell-bent on completing it. That mission is REVENGE.
Rogue Trooper Redux

Strange Brigade is a new game from Rebellion. The game is touted as an action/adventure/puzzle/explorer game, or as Kingsley describes, without a genre. It is a co-op game in a British vein, as a historical, slight parody, light hearted take on Saturday morning movies.

Announcement Screens 10

There are remote corners of the British Empire where the shadows linger at their deepest. The servants of The Crown know about these places and the supernatural beings that sometimes lurk there ...

Embark on an exotic safari into DANGER where few dare go and fewer return! Encounter FANTASTIC and forgotten civilizations shrouded in MYSTERY! Uncover TREACHEROUS tombs and unfathomable EVIL, never-before-seen by any human now living!

This pulse-pounding third-person adventure for 1-4 players will rivet you to your game controller!
To close out the video, Rebellion featured some of their other work, including some comic book series (both digital and print) and a new Judge Dredd TV series in development. Kingsley also announced a sequel to Evil Genius for PC, and a promise to evaluate potential for consoles at a later time.

Strange Brigade does not have a release date as of yet. According to the video, Rogue Trooper REDUX is expected sometime later this year.
Dave Bricker
Written by Dave Bricker
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