TT Podcast Episode 44 - Independence!

By Brandon Fusco,
This week, the team pretends that Independence Day (and Canada Day!) are a good excuse to talk about their favorite indie games, because you never need an excuse to do that. Sorry in advance for the quick episode, Prince had a "social engagement" to get to.

For the true trophy hunters out there, a legend is getting a sequel in the form of Pinball FX3. One of the lead developers on INSIDE has jumped ship to form the development studio Jump Ship, which will be responsible for making Somerville. Sony has decided that advertising your game on its store around a quick platinum is not a proper selling point for game, and has had the "world's fastest platinum" removed from the store temporarily.

That's only the bronze trophy of this edition of your puzzle sorting, life reflecting, icon loving Trophy Talk Podcast!

If you had to recommend one *indie game, which would it be?
  • Journey
  • Resogun
  • Transistor
  • Gone Home
  • Inside
  • Severed
  • Other
We've had 11 responses.


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Brandon Fusco
Written by Brandon Fusco
Brandon is an Editor and TGN's Host with the Most. The most what? The most opinions, the most understanding wife, and the most *funny cat videos. Previously Host of the Trophy Talk Podcast. (*Not Verified)
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