Kingdom Come: Deliverance Developer Walkthrough from Square Enix Presents

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
With so many developers and publishers wanting to showcase their games and content at big events that take place, such as the recent E3 2017, it can be easy for viewers to miss reveals, videos, and news unless you don't sleep, don't work, and don't have other things to tend to. Thankfully, there's always ways to go back and dig up anything you may have missed. If you didn't catch Square Enix Presents' live broadcast of the developer walkthrough for Kingdom Come: Deliverance then now's your chance to catch up.


The video, which was streamed originally last month via Square Enix Presents' YouTube channel, sees senior manager of marketing & communications at Deep Silver Will Powers speaking with Warhorse Studios' PR Manager Tobi Stolz-Zwilling as they both enjoy checking out the upcoming title. Tobi provides plenty of information on what we can see.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance will come to the Playstation 4 on February 13th, 2018.

We've got the full list of Kingdom Come: Deliverance trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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