Trove's Megalithic Update Detailed and Dated for Release

By Ashley Woodcock,
Words like big, huge, massive, and large just don't cut it when it comes to Trove's upcoming update. Dubbed the "Megalithic Update", as you can expect, the upcoming title update is ram packed with new content and we have all the details, loads of screens, and a new video to get you prepared for the update's release in the next few days.

Update screen

The Dino Tamer Class

Your best bet for surviving in the harsh wilderness of the Jurassic Jungle is to get familiar with the Dino Tamer. The "ravenous, ranged ruffian" comes fully equipped with darts and snares and has the ability to summon dinosaurs to either attack targets or for the tamer to mount and ride.

The Jurassic Jungle Biome

There's plenty to explore and discover in the the Jurassic Jungle biome, whether you stick to the ground along the dense jungle floor or decide to head high in the towering canopies. The jungle will be filled with enemies to fight and plenty of dungeons to venture through and try to conquer. As you make your way through this biome, you will learn new styles and recipes to "bring that extra retro look to the modern Trovian". Of course, exploring is great, but it could all be for nothing if you let the raptors, triceratops or the T-Rex get a hold of you.

Radiant Dayspring

Starting in July, receive the blessing of a Celestial Paragon! Log in every day to work towards great prizes, including a brand new dragon egg: Aurym, Keeper of Histories, and much more!

Dino Attack!

Dino Attack will task players with taking on a new event that includes a nine-step quest chain with a fight against a full-on dinosaur invasion. Players will receive special daily login rewards every day of the event and have the chance to earn pretty sizeable loot just by completing the quests.

Megalithic Screens


Now is a great time to show off your skills to your friends with two types of minigames available to try out - Racing and Coin Collecting. These two minigames will give players a couple more options when it comes to trying to complete the Hourly Challenges. If creativity is your type of thing in Trove, you can build your own custom minigame maps within your own Club World and invite your friends or other players to come check out your maps and see if they can set some impressive high scores.

Free Chaos Chests and Chaos Crafting

Chaos Chests now drop for free, just by playing! Use the brand new Chaos Core Crafter bench to craft 45 new costumes as well as new allies, mounts, and Class Unlockers. That’s right – you can craft any Class in Trove with materials picked up just by playing the game!

Megalithic Screens

French and German Translations

Once the Megalithic Update has been released Trove will be available fully translated in both French and German, with more languages coming in the future.

Dragons, Allies, and Mounts, oh my!

Seven new dragons are coming to consoles including Inora, Flame of Enlightenment and Dracocolatl, the Mellower!

Megalithic Screens
The new screens showcase all sorts of dinosaurs, biomes, collectables, and plenty more:

To wrap up the details, we also have a trailer, which summaries everything we've covered:

The Megalithic Update for Trove will be available to download on June 27th.

We've got the full list of Trove trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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