Nicalis Reveals Blade Strangers and The End Is Nigh for PS4

By Rebecca Smith,
Publisher Nicalis has been responsible for bringing several indie titles to Playstation platforms, such as 1001 Spikes and a title that many will have picked up as a Playstation Plus freebie, VVVVVV. Now the publisher has revealed two more very different titles that will be heading to the Playstation 4 in the future.

Blade Strangers is a "hardcore old-school fighting game" from Studio Saizensen. The four-button control scheme that uses only the face buttons will make it easy for new players to pick up and play, but fighting genre veterans will also be able to find intricate combos, counters and special moves to be perfected. The aim of the simplified control scheme is to reduce lag between online multiplayer opponents thanks to the reduced amount of data that needs to be transmitted. The roster will include characters from the developer's previous titles (Code of Princess, Sayonara Umihara Kawase) and other Nicalis' titles (Cave Story+), as well as others yet to be announced.

The End Is Nigh is the latest title from Edmund Mcmillen (Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac) who has teamed up with Tyler Glaiel (Supersoldier, Aqua Slug) once again. In this typically challenging platformer, players assume the role of Ash. He's a "little black glob" who has managed to survive the end of the world. Now he's searching for body parts that are scattered throughout the post-apocalyptic landscape that he inhabits. If he finds enough parts, he'll be able to create a friend, but he'll need to suffer through a multitude of decaying mutant creatures first. Ash can also collect tumours and video game cartridges to unlock mini games that will be fully playable. Be warned that the soundtrack of the following trailer is not safe for work.

Blade Strangers is due to be released in Q4 2017. The End Is Nigh is due to release earlier in Q3 2017.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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