Knack 2 Gets a Release Date, Trailer and Stage Time

By Lea Sumner Bertelsen,
Many gamers of the first game complained it was too simple, repetitive and lacked in the co-operative mode. It looks like Sony really listened to all the feedback they got from the first game, because Knack 2 surely seems to rectify in all these aspects.

They have looked at the variety in the gameplay and by the looks of it, they have added a lot of fun things. As you probably are trying to save the world, there is combat, just like in the first game, but you will also encounter a fair deal of platforming and the occasional puzzle. You will also be meeting special mode play, so driving a tank is not a pipe dream.

You will be able to control the size of Knack by shredding the relics from his body so you can run through tight spaces or jump on small ledges - and assemble the dropped parts by the push of a button. This can be used to your advantage in some puzzles.

Knack's move set has gotten an overhaul as part of natural evolution in the process going to a sequel, and this has made the combat much deeper and satisfactory. You can parry enemies' attacks, throw body parts like a boomerang, grab them to drag them closer and even body slam them - or you can just keep body slamming your fellow friend like they do in the gameplay demo. It looks heaps of fun. Check it out below.

You can play alone throughout the game, but you can also let a friend tag along - it's a drop in and drop out scenario. Playing with a friend opens up for some pretty cool co-op attacks. As an example, if one player punches the other player, body parts shoot out like a machine gun, damaging the enemies in the line of fire.

Knack 2 is set for September 5th 2017 release.

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Lea Sumner Bertelsen
Written by Lea Sumner Bertelsen
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