Lots of Crash Bandicoot Loot

By Lea Sumner Bertelsen,
To no surprise, Sony is telling us a lot about Crash Bandicoot during E3. Activision has announced that Coco, Crash's perky little sister, will be playable in the soon-to-be released remaster of the first three Crash Bandicoot games. She will have her own set of moves to boot.

Naughty Dog got to play a nearly complete build of the game, and here's what they had to say:

“Activision recently left a nearly complete build of the remastered Crash trilogy at Naughty Dog, and I’ve played all three games,” said Evan Wells, President, Naughty Dog. “Vicarious Visions took amazing care in maintaining the feel and soul of the originals but brought the visuals up to modern day standards and added a number of new features that’s made them even more fun to play than remembered.”

Some of the updates for the remaster include but are not limited to: full support of analogue sticks, a unified save system, and a checkpoint system. This will make for an easy ride for newcomers as well as us old sods with arthritis from playing all those games all those years ago. Bonus levels have gotten some improvements, and the game will have leaderboard support for time trials so you can see how you do compared to your friends - and enemies.

The soundtrack has been re-recorded for the remaster, and old voice actors from the original games are on the rooster for re-doing their work. This, all of the above, and more are being mentioned in the interview on the E3 floor, which you can watch right here. The game is slated for a June 30th 2017 release.
Lea Sumner Bertelsen
Written by Lea Sumner Bertelsen
Gamer for 25 years.
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