The Golf Club 2 Swings By With New Details

By Sam Quirke,
It's nearly time to return to the fairway: The Golf Club 2 is due to release at the end of the month. Developer HB Studios has decided to chip in at E3 with a whole bunch of additional details.

The below trailer covers two of the major overhauls for the golfing sequel. A brand new single player Career Mode promises to tell a true rags-to-riches narrative as you make your way up the ranks towards the golfing elite. The developer has also given further details on the online Societies system, which impacts both the Career Mode and general competition play. Players can create and customise their own multiplayer Societies or join existing ones in order to find the right fit for their style and skill level. The society's clubhouse and logo can be customised by the owner. You can join up to five Societies but you can only represent one at a time as you play. Societies can host online tournaments against other clubs too.

A lot of these details are further explored in a recording of the developer's live stream available below.

Beyond these major changes, the Course Editor has been improved. If you're especially fond of your courses created in the original The Golf Club, don't worry. You can transfer your own designs from that game over to the sequel.

Finally we have the pre-order bonus details for those who are eager to pick up this title on day one. You'll get an instant lump sum of in-game cash, an Elite Emblem and a fancy clubhouse in order to launch your Society in style. You can wear some truly vintage attire in order to feel like you're visiting golf's golden age. Speaking of gold, you'll also net a 24K solid gold driver so you can feel truly presidential out on the tee.

The Golf Club 2

The Golf Club 2 releases on June 27th for Playstation 4.

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