NBA LIVE 18 The One Reveal

By Ethan Anderson,
The NBA LIVE series has been on a two year break, but EA has finally released two trailers for the upcoming NBA LIVE 18. The video previews the game's career mode, dubbed The One.


As your player, you'll work to become known both in the league and in the streets. This trailer details the features that you can expect to see in The One:

EA has also provided some information on what you can expect to see in terms of customization for your character.

Customize the way you look from the hairstyles to the tattoos to the kicks, express yourself.

Master an ability only you can pull off and make your mark on the game.

Choose from dozens of game-changing traits to help strategize against components.

Create how you want to look, and how you want to play, with deep customization. From skills to style, it’s all about you.
For those who would prefer a trailer with less narration and explanation, here's a more cinematic video:

There is no release date for the game yet, but a demo of NBA LIVE 18's The One will be available to all in August.

We've got the full list of NBA LIVE 18 trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Ethan Anderson
Written by Ethan Anderson
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