Thea: The Awakening Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the trophy list for Thea: The Awakening, which is developed by MuHa Games.

You can find guides to unlocking these trophies as soon as we have them on the Thea: The Awakening Trophies page.
Thea: The Awakening Release date.

There are 32 trophies, none of which are secret:

Name Description
God of Thea Congratulations! You have proven yourself as the rightful ruler and savior of Thea!
Awakened Unlock a god.
Full Pantheon Unlock all gods.
Supreme Deity Unlock all levels on a god.
Absolute Power Unlock all levels on all gods.
Master Gatherer Unlock all gathering resources.
Master Craftsman Unlock all crafting recipes.
Master Builder Unlock all construction recipes.
Saving Hand Win the game.
Whoa, where's the fire? Win the game in less than 100 turns.
No Easy Tasks Win the game on 210% difficulty or more.
Long Days, Long Nights Play for a total of 1000 turns.
Divine Army Have population of 40 or more.
Animal Planet Attract a Beast by constructing the appropriate building.
Goblin Cave Attract a Goblin by constructing the appropriate building.
Orc Blood Attract an Orc by constructing the appropriate building.
Demon Symbol Attract a Demon by constructing the appropriate building.
You Have My Sword Attract a Human by constructing the appropriate building.
You Have My Bow Attract an Elf by constructing the appropriate building.
You Have My Axe Attract a dwarf by constructing the appropriate building.
Baby Boom Have 15 or more kids (in 1 game).
Workshop Complete 10 non-food crafting recipes.
Factory Complete 100 non-food crafting recipes.
Local Hero Win a 5-skull challenge.
Dragon Slayer Win 50 5-skull challenges.
Overlord Win by Advancement Victory.
Every Decision Counts Survive 300 turns on Lord of Thea difficulty (250%+).
Storyteller Finish Divine Quest, Cosmic Tree Quest and Giants Quest in one game.
Diplomat Finish Giants Quest with the help of the Weatherer.
Warmonger Finish Giants Quest by killing the giants.
Piece of Cake Beat the game on True God of Thea difficulty (300%+).
Legendary Craftsman Craft 20 Good Quality items.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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