Duck Block Games' Forsaken Castle Exceeds Funding Goal

By Ashley Woodcock,
Duck Block Games' upcoming title Forsaken Castle has received more support than expected via Kickstarter. At the end of the campaign, 943 backers had pledged $35,360 to help smash the original target of just $10,000. The team required $20,000 to bring the title to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita later this year.


The title itself is presented in 16-bit style graphics and follows the story of a paladin called Lily and her fight against evil as she navigates her way through various levels. The action exploration platformer is inspired by Metroidvania games and as players progress, they will fight against the deadliest of creatures, discover new abilities, and uncover secrets.

The story itself takes place near a "sleepy little village" known as Atoh. Undead have appeared and Lily, as a newly appointed paladin, has been sent out to investigate. During her search, she comes across an old castle that was thought to have long since been abandoned. Surprisingly, the castle seems to have come back to life as someone has left the lights on and the drawbridge is closed further out in the distance.

As a new paladin, Lily wants to prove that she is capable of her new role. She sets out to find a way into the castle and tasks herself with destroying the source of the undead. Little does she realise however, that the evil that awaits her may be too much for her to defeat.

Here's a list of the key features:

  • An SNES inspired adventure through a handcrafted pixel art castle.
  • Challenging Battles, Epic Bosses, and Multiple Endings!
  • Explore dungeons and catacombs filled with secrets, traps, and puzzles.
  • Discover items and spells to become stronger but also to reach new areas.
  • Metroid Gameplay and Level Design but with Castlevania visual aesthetics.
  • Developed for PC/Mac/Linux with support for Steam and for DRM-free distribution on GOG,, and Humble Bundle.
  • Kickstarter stretch goals for Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4.
There's also a selection of screens to look at showcasing Lily in action, the supposedly abandoned castle, the evil within, and also some original early concept character sketches:

Forsaken Castle will be making its way to PS4 and Vita this October.
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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