New Gameplay Trailer for Cars 3: Driven to Win Details Game Modes

By Jackimo1999,
A new trailer has been released for Cars 3: Driven to Win, detailing the new and returning game modes for Avalanche Studio's latest creation. Driven to Win is an arcade racing game set to tie in with the Cars 3 movie to be released later this year. We also have some new screenshots showing off the stunts and weapons.

The game modes that will appear are as follows:
  • Race: Players must compete to see who can get to the finish line the fastest.
  • Battle Race: Racing, but with weapons. Take out other cars to slow them down.
  • Takedown: Use weapons and power ups to take out as many other cars as possible. When the timer runs out, the player with the most points wins.
  • Stunt Showcase: The objective here is to put on a show by performing jumps and tricks to score points and impress the crowds.
  • Best Lap Challenge: Try to get the best lap time around a given course.
  • Playground: A sandbox mode that allows players to go racing, perform stunts, complete challenges, or just cruise around.
These game modes should familiar to most racers and can also be played in multiplayer.

Cars 3: Driven to win releases on July 14th on Xbox One.