Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Teaser Trailer and Details Revealed

By Alex Jones, 1 year ago
Konami has released a teaser trailer and further details for of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. The theme of the latest instalment reflects their partnership with FC Barcelona, and depicts the legendary Camp Nou in more detail than ever before.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Several new features have now been confirmed:
  • The U.I for all menus will be overhauled to give what is described as a "broadcast feel".
  • A more realistic game speed.
  • Greater control over dribbling, ball-shielding and the ability to wrong-foot defenders.
  • Set pieces and penalty kicks have been reworked, with the ability to have a one-man kick off.
  • Real Touch+ system adding a new dimension to ball control, with different reactions depending on which part of the body is used.
  • A 2vs2 and 3vs3 co-op mode, which will also have support local guest players.
  • Random Selection Match returns with new presentations and features.
  • Master League mode gets pre-season tournaments, improved transfers and new presentation elements such as pre-match interviews and locker room scenes.
  • More realistic player models, stadiums, kits and full-body tattoos for players scanned from their partner teams.
  • New motion-capture system providing even more realistic animations.
  • Real player images for the Gameplan screen and myClub.
  • PES League intergration in new modes such as myClub, Random Selection Match and co-op.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is due for release in North America on September 12th, with European and Australian versions following on the 14th.
Written by Alex Jones
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