WRC 7 Announced

By SpindlierPoet, 1 year ago
What a year 2017 promises to be for racing fans. There's Project CARS 2, DiRT 4, the new Need for Speed and NASCAR Heat 2 coming up, and now WRC 7.

Set to launch this autumn, Kylotonn has also provided us with the "Beauty and the Beast" trailer, showcasing night driving, snow driving and desert driving in a compilation that almost fools the eye for what's live-action and what's in-game.

In an interview with RedBull, the game director Alain Jarniou explained that it took a team of around 50 people to make this game and that WRC 7 will feature narrower and bumpier roads, closer borders and introduces epic stages that will provide up to 15 minutes of gameplay. WRC 7 will have stages across the 13 official countries of WRC (in 2017 those countries were Monaco, Sweden, Mexico, France, Argentina, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Finland, Germany, Catalonia, UK and Australia).

In the same interview, the following 2017 cars were confirmed to be in the game:
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Citroën C3
  • Hyundai i20
  • Ford Fiesta
When asked about VR, Alain explained that it has been something the team has been thinking about since WRC 6, but that it will not be present on WRC 7 because according to him: "it’s very difficult for most players to be able to stay focused for a long time with such a set-up. We’ll take advantage of the PS4 Pro and Scorpio power, for sure."

WRC 7 is set to be launched this Autumn.