Ubisoft Teases Far Cry 5, The Crew 2 and the Next Assassin's Creed

By Kelly Packard,
Why tease one game when you can tease three? Ubisoft woke up one morning and asked themselves that same question before deciding to just go ahead and tease three possible upcoming titles, all new installments in already-established Ubisoft series.

First up is a small teaser posted via Twitter for the next title in the Assassin's Creed series. Last we heard from Ubisoft about this franchise, they wanted to take a step back from their annual releases and opted not to release a new Assassin's game in 2016, which marked the first time in seven years that a year came and went without a new Assassin's Creed release. This made it likely we'd be seeing one the following year in 2017. The next game has had no shortage of leaks and speculations this year and it's rumored to be called Assassin's Creed Origins.

A tweet from the official Assassin's Creed UK account advises us to "Sharpen your blade. The Assassins will soon step out of the shadows..." The tweet is a short GIF with the standard Assassin's Creed logo followed by the words "A new era begins."

Next up is Far Cry 5. On their website, Ubisoft has created official forums for the fifth entry in the numbered series, which has also had spin-offs like Far Cry Primal and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

Right now nothing more has been released except a bare-bones logo, which does resemble the same font and style as past Far Cry games. One lone stickied post simply asks users "Are you ready for a hefty dose of new Far Cry adventures?"

There is also a tweet from the official Far Cry Twitter that hints at gamers to stay tuned to Ubisoft's YouTube channel, so perhaps we'll be seeing a video reveal soon.

Far Cry 5 Logo

Finally, we've got The Crew 2. Community Manager James Rees posted on The Crew's official Ubisoft forums a new thread declaring "The best is yet to come!" followed by a logo advertising The Crew 2.

The Crew 2 Logo

While the existence of any of these titles isn't altogether unsurprising, it's always nice for gamers to have concrete evidence of a future entry into their favorite series.

What do you think? Are you excited about any of these teasers, or will it take more than a logo to get you revved up for an upcoming title?
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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