Thea: The Awakening Release Date Announced

By SkydivingFalcon,
It was announced last year that Thea: The Awakening was getting an Xbox One release, but only now has the game been confirmed for Playstation 4 as well. MuHa Games has now officially announced a release date for the fantasy inspired strategy/survival game.

Thea is a world governed by Slavic Myth and Monstrosity. Despite this, there are no heroes or armies; there are just a few hopeless survivors that are trying to stay alive from day to day. You are their only hope. Combining western fantasy with folk tales, and strategy with card games, you must save this unique world using somewhat unique methods.

Thea: The Awakening release date.

The company also admitted that it hasn't been an easy journey for the game, stating on their website that there were issues with porting the game to consoles. They admitted it was quite the task to achieve and since it's their first game on consoles, they had a lot to learn:

After the initial time taken to port such a complex strategy game onto consoles (navigation within such features as village/character management for example), making sure the pad controls feel natural and comfortable, came the grueling and often daunting time for testing. With one/two consoles available, it was a long process to say the least. And then there was also the inevitable mountain of bureaucracy to tackle. As first time console publishers (or at least first time solo publishers), both we and Andy (from Tactile Fusion) had a lot to learn.
Thea: The Awakening will be released on May 31st.

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