Pipeworks Shows Off Terraria's 1.3 Console Update Progress

By Kelly Packard,
In the last news we heard about Terraria on consoles, development of the Playstation 4 version had been handed over from Engine Software to Pipeworks Studio. Updates were also officially halted for the last-gen console versions (this includes Playstation 3 and Vita). Perhaps the biggest news was that the entire coding framework was being rewritten for the console and mobile versions, called update 1.3. This would make all versions closely mirror the PC edition, which would allow for easier updates.


The effort required a huge commitment from the new developer. Update 1.3 still isn't here yet despite being worked on for more than a year — the estimated delivery time frame is Q2 2017 on consoles with mobile versions to follow — but Pipeworks streamed a bit of the update's progress so players can see where they stand.

The video mainly shows off the updated menu system, but tune in toward the end for a bit of gameplay.

Behind-the-scenes details aren't the only thing that will be new with update 1.3. More than 800 items will be added and there will be a new difficulty, an additional boss and more. To read more about the details behind update 1.3, check out our prior coverage and a comparison trailer here.

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