Portal Knights Covers Four Different Features In Four New Videos

By Ashley Woodcock,
keen Games has released a set of videos to further bring us up to speed on what gamers can expect from their upcoming RPG and action title, Portal Knights. In the four videos, we learn more about co-op, your character, the worlds, and battle.

Portal Knights

The co-op will allow for either four player online co-op, or if you're more of a couch co-op type of player, grab a friend a play split screen with two player co-op.

To start the game you will first be tasked with creating a fully customizable hero. Choose from either a Warrior, a master of the sword, hammer and axe, a Ranger, who can take down enemies from a distance with the use of their bow, or maybe a Mage, who uses the likes of spells that deal elemental damage. As you progress with each class, you'll be able to unlock unique talents that can be acquired by levelling up. Assign your attribute points and make your character stronger, faster and smarter:

keen Games goes on to describe the world into which you will be journeying:

Journey to a world torn apart by The Fracture and defeat the evil that has taken over the shattered lands... Purr-haps with a furry friend by your side? You will need to seek out and rebuild the ancient portals. Through these forgotten structures you will run in lush meadows, quest across dusty deserts and do battle atop perilous volcanoes.

With your chosen character ready to venture into the world either solo or with a friend or three, be on the lookout for the deadly beasts that await you and use the lock-on targeting system and evasive manoeuvres to help you in your battles:

Portal Knights will release on the Playstation 4 on May 19th in Europe and May 23rd in North America.

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Written by Ashley Woodcock
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