Steep Gets Patched In Time For Winterfest

By NexusGrunt, 2 years ago
Whilst most are happy to see winter turn into spring, there are some that can't get enough of their winter sports. Even though snows are thawing, there's always the possibility to hit the slopes in Steep. Fans of the action title will be pleased to hear that along with the previously announced DLC, "Winterfest", the game is also receiving a fairly hefty update.

If nothing else, it's made me want to book a vacation here.

The new patch brings some useful additions for the predominantly online title, including the new degraded mode and the opportunity to catch up with all of those missed branded challenges. The patch notes are included below:


Degraded Mode added
- Players can keep playing Steep now - even when some live services are down (warning: not the offline mode).

Branded events turning permanent
- If you missed some of our branded challenges, here is your chance to catch up.

Winterfest elements available in the mountains
- All players can see Winterfest building structures – whether they own the DLC or not.

New items for customization
- Check those in the Store section of the game.

New sports customization archetypes
- Players can now customize their character by sport.


- The Welcome dashboard is still displaying activities after the player switched from one world to another.
- We have improved the spawning system to prevent the player from spawning in world objects.
- The leaderboard of a Tournament challenge will be visible even if you didn’t qualify for it.
- Cliff rocks have a better rendering with long shadows.
- Level design improvement in Kitchick Town - Alaska world
- Details improvement in Sawmill - Alaska world
- The progress of contacts online is now updated without player rebooting the game
- Player’s character is not hidden by the menu anymore - when previewing items in Store.
- Spectator mode got improved:
- Player can spectate someone from a different world than the one he’s in.
- Player can no longer get spectated riding in a sport when he actually switched to a new one.
- Hints are now visible in the UI when spectating a friend
- Player can no longer get blocked in spectator mode after switching his camera on a new player
- Thanks to the Spectator mode, Player now has the opportunity to keep following someone who changed world.


- The "skip cinematic" text has no outline
- Graphic corruption may occur when viewing with binoculars and rapidly moving the cursor over challenges/dropzone markers
- The discipline change will not replicate for Player A, if Player B changes disciplines, while Player A has the binoculars equipped
- The message "Flags limit reached, oldest one removed" will stay on screen if multiple flags are trigged
- Abrupt screen transition to the final onboarding cinematic can reveal the character in T-Pose for a brief moment
- [Riders page] The L1/R1 hints to switch categories are displayed even if there is only one category.
- The user may encounter difficulties to complete the step 3 of the onboarding if he misses one of the checkpoints.
- Badges in Ubisoft Club pop-up don’t show full information
- Clicking on a notification to access a specific sport reward doesn’t lead you to that item if you’re riding in a different sport discipline.
- the pompom from the beanie clip through american football helmet
- [BRASIL] The text that informs the user about the minimum score required for the first phase of the tournament is missing

- Missing rewards, exp and requirement information from the info panel of all challenge while in Mountain view
- Some asset should not be glowing in the dark
- Even though the music volume setting is set to 0, several challenges from Alaska will have the music still playing
- Wrong rider or outfit is selected when fast switching through the riders
- Mont Lachat du Chatillon is missing after the old onboarding is skipped
- The user can't equip the sasquatch costume anymore after changing from it
- "Player now holds the record on X challenge" message is displayed when both users are failing the same challenge
- The flashlight ray appears on the snowboard upon pressing dpad down/F3, even if is not equipped
- You can’t create a challenge closer than 200 meters from another challenge
- The paraglide can be seen shaking while in GoPro view
- The "retry" control is not locked during onboarding Step 2
- The tool tip displayed notifies the user that he has access to Mountain Stories and Challenges during the first chunk but only has access to two challenges

- Overlap on the Progression Menu after having 100+ Medals
- "Arête de Tricot" is spelled wrong
- The narrator's voice overlaps the videos' sounds if the user launches them before he ends talking
- Refuge du Lessy becomes locked again after completing the onboarding sequence
- Graphic corruption may occur when player is retrying some specific challenges for several times
- Typos in tip "Push L and R to opposite directions to ride forward/backward (ski) or goofie/regular (snowboard)
- Character continues his ride after completing the last objective, when the onboarding cinematic starts
- The user's score is not saved after completing a Steep Community Dare after restarting the game
- Missing check mark for items that are unlocked through Mountain Stories after switching the massifs, when in riders menu
- Two checkpoint circles are present in freeroam, even though no quest is triggered
- The group icon is not updated when a user is joined while switching on the other massif during loading screen
- During a replay, when the player tries to change the time of day at the last position of his ride, they don't change.

- The freeride music doesn't start if the user spawns on an exit point or wingsuit challenge, and starts a ride in snowboard
- The paraglide doesn't always detect what surrounds it, and doesn't trigger ridge lifts accordingly
- The achievement and uplay badge "Mountain Legend" is not received under certain conditions
- Pressing down on D-pad in stare view will cause the info panel text to flicker
- Changing from ski/snowboard to paraglide and fast to walk will generate a dropped scrambled parachute
- The Mountain Story completion counter resets after retrying a Mountain Story already completed
- The user can activate the sprint function on binoculars by pressing a combination of buttons making the binoculars camera move freely around the player
- Welcome back and free rewards messages are received when switching to Alaska massif and not at 2nd boot
- Inconsistency between the drop zones from mountain view panel and progress menu
- Start menu closes when exiting specific sub-menus in the Options page
- The timer until the end of Branded Challenge is hard to read because the font is too small

- The user can create a private challenge in front of the public challenge blocking the start of the challenge for him and other users, if the distance from the start point is bigger
- You can see a wrong panel displayed on a private challenge trail
- The character can fall through the map if he deploys the wingsuit parachute right before hitting the ground
- The group icon does not refresh while in mountain view when a group member closes the game
- The challenge's panel can disappear from stare view
- The trail displayed in challenges replay can be different from the ghost you watch
- Leaving a group can make a "join has failed" popup appear without any apparent reason
- Helicopter Ticket UI blend with world
- If the player delete a trail which has memorables, the memorables will remain displayed

- The camera does not preserve zoom out state when moving camera over high and low heights
- The "Friendly Beaver Helmet" does not have collision with the snowboard when the player is in Walk discipline
- The "Ghosts" checkbox from Action List panel will lose functionality after the user deselects it the first time
- The new onboarding voices don't have any subtitles
- There is an empty panel for challenges that is not filled with any customization rewards
- The user is directed to the news tab instead of live tab after pressing the touchpad when prompted with the finished tournament pop-up
- "My best" and "Score to beat" are wrong
- There is a delay up to 5 seconds before the user can access a challenge from the Progress Menu
The patch should already be live now on the Playstation 4 platform.

We've got the full list of STEEP trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.