Akiba's Beat Unveils Character Trailer

By Greg Benham,
With AKIBA'S BEAT due for release in Europe this week, and North America in two weeks time, XSEED Games has released a new trailer focusing on the cast of characters who will fight alongside you in the game.

Gamers will take control of Asahi Tachibana, a young slacker from Tokyo interested in little but video games and pop culture. He will be forced to suddenly grow up, though, when he finds himself trapped in a Groundhog Day-like scenario.

Caught in a temporal loop, where the day restarts as soon as it ends, Asahi is one of only a chosen few whose memories don’t reset with it. He and his merry band of time-displaced losers must now scour Akihabara for signs of “delusions” – people’s innermost fantasies made manifest, changing the cityscape and the behavior of its citizens alike. It is the duty of this ragtag team (whether they like it or not) to infiltrate and destroy these delusions, restoring the natural order of Akiba in the vain hope that this loop may be their last.
Get a taste for some of Asahi's companions in the first English-language trailer for the game.

Akiba's Beat will release on the Playstation Vita, as well as the Playstation 4.

We've got the full list of Akiba's Beat (EU) trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Greg Benham
Written by Greg Benham
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