Weekend Headlines April 21st-23rd: Friday the 13th, The Surge and More

By Rebecca Smith,
Accompanying the single announcement this week is a list of trailers, screenshots, updates, release dates and other details that appeared over the weekend, all of which might have slipped past you. Take a look:

Birthdays the Beginning

Publisher NIS America released a new batch of screenshots for this upcoming world builder. Players can recreate each era of life on Earth and watch life grow around them. Lifeforms from different eras will be able to co-exist in the same land too.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory

Protagonist Keisuke Amazawa must prove his innocence by joining the hacking group Hudíe, who meet in an internet cafe in Ikebukuro to solve the problems of the digital world. From here he can access underground websites and accept requests and quests. By using Digimon abilities, this new generation of hackers can unlock security and support other members of their group. However, conflict between them grows intense when the leader of Zaxon, the biggest hacker group, uses Hudíe members to get rid of others who interfere in her business.


Piranha Bytes' upcoming RPG is set to be released in Q3 2017. The newly released prologue trailer explains what happened before the point where players are thrown into the game. Magalan was home to millions of people, but the impact of a comet caused earthquakes that destroyed cities and firestorms that razed the planet to the ground. As darkness took hold, the survivors were left to face a world that was now controlled by a mysterious substance called Elex.

EVE: Valkyrie

At EVE Fanfest 2017, Lead Game Designer CCP Roo took to the stage to let people know what's in store for the title later this year. You can watch the presentation below:

Everybody's Golf

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Everybody's Golf franchise will be the release of the latest title for Playstation 4. Featuring the three-click shot mechanic that will be familiar to fans of the franchise, there will also be new features like increased character customisation, online modes and other activities, such as fishing, buggy racing and treasure hunting. The title will be released in North America on August 29th and in PAL regions on August 30th. Players who pre-order the title will receive the following goodies on day one:
  • The 20th Anniversary Course
  • Rabbit Mascot Costume x1
  • Unique shirt x2
  • Premium Kart x1
  • PS Dynamic Theme x1

Friday the 13th: The Game

After missing its original target of Halloween 2016, Gun Media's multiplayer survival horror title now has a new release date: May 26th, 2017. One newshound who shall not be named was disappointed to find that this was not Friday the 13th, but if the developer wanted to do this then we'd be waiting for the game for another six months. Instead, both he and you the readers can take comfort in the trailer that was released with this announcement.

Marvel Heroes Omega

The Playstation 4 closed beta for this game has begun and developer Gazillion took the opportunity to confirm that the console version of the title will include drop-in two-player couch co-op. This feature is available in the closed beta now, which lasts until May 15th. Take a look at the trailer to see what you can expect.

NieR: Automata

Detailed last week, the game's upcoming "3C3C1D119440927" DLC will be released on May 2nd. Take a look at a handful of new screenshots for the content.

Another character has been revealed for Pixelated Milk's upcoming title. Levant may well have left this world but he is much displeased. Now that he is forced to roam unknown lands past his time, the ancient knight is forever trapped in his sturdy armour. Once encountered, players will be able to choose whether he joins their party.

Darril Arts' upcoming survival horror title has just been released on Steam Greenlight. To celebrate this fact, the developer has released a new trailer.


If you managed to make it to PAX East, you might have spent some time with Tequila Works' upcoming title. You might even be in the following video, because it contains gameplay and testimonials from who got to try it out.

Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada

The latest trailer for Omega Force's newest Samurai Warriors title focuses on the combat system and the changes that have been made. Combat will now take place over a longer period of time in multiple stages and across multiple battlefields. These Multi-Stage Battles will allow conflicts to develop first hand. On the Secondary Battlefields, players can take part in battles where the Sanada family didn't play a pivotal role; these will awards extra experience and items, as well as allowing players to witness these events from a different perspective.

Sudden Strike 4

Following on from the first video in the series, the second General's Handbook video describes the changes that have been made to the strategy game since its announcement at Gamescom 2016.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization

SAO:HR will be getting a set of three pieces of DLC that make up the Abyss of the Shrine Maiden storyline. The first of the three DLCs is "Chapter 1 – Explorer of Illusory Mists". Kirito and his friends face a new stage in Aincrad Castle, where extra danger presents itself in the form of flaming earth, magma and devastating heat waves. Here they'll need to defeat Bane, The Crimson Demon, but while on their quest, Premiere starts to complain of a headache. What will happen, and who is the new mysterious masked person?

There will also be a new Heroine Quest where players can add Asuna, Lisbeth, Silica and Premiere as the heroine in the first chapter. Then there's an Enigma Order Quest where players can earn the Fuse Paragon, Mystic and Ultana GP Order items and skill. There will also be new character customisation options. "Chapter 1 – Explorer of Illusory Mists" will be released on May 16th.

The Surge

In this upcoming RPG, players will naturally progress by levelling up their characters, acquiring new abilities, and crafting and upgrading new equipment. Killing enemies will earn Tech Scrap that can be taken to any Ops centre and used to level up the player's Exo-Rig's core power. All gear and implants require core power to operate — the ore core power you have, the more options you have when customising your rig.

Tech Scrap can be combined with specific components to craft gear. To craft a piece of equipment, you need to know its schematic. Unfortunately, you'll only learn new schematics by chopping new body parts off your enemies. Each new piece of equipment can then be upgraded multiple times by using more scrap and components. Equipment starts off as "markless" but can be upgraded to a maximum of Mark 5. However, if you dare take on the challenge of New Game+, New Game++, and New Game+++, you'll be able to upgrade to a maximum level of Mark 10, Mark 15 and Mark 20 respectively.


WipEout Omega Collection

For seemingly no reason at all, Sony decided to release a new batch of screenshots for the ultimate WipEout collection, coming to PS4 in June. Here they are:

World to the West

Rain Games has introduced us to the four main characters whose stories we will be following in this upcoming adventure. First there's Lumina, a Teslamancer who can use the power of electricity and arcane technology that gives her superhuman agility. She's lost in the forest after an unfortunate accident with teleportation. Then there's Teri, a swashbuckler mercenary who can control animals using her mind. She uses them to fetch rare items to sell on to the highest bidder, but bit off more than she could chew when she stole an item on unimaginable power.

The third character is Knaus, a young boy whose speed and intelligence are his strengths. He used to work at a mining colony but was exiled after he spoke out of turn. Finally there is Lord Conington, a strongman from a long bloodline of muscular aristocrats. His main intention is to find exotic beasts to fight, but he's also handy to lift large objects, smash them or throw them out of the way. Players will be able to switch between these four characters as they progress.

Release Dates

GameNorth AmericaEurope
Everybody's GolfAugust 29thAugust 30th
Friday the 13th: The GameMay 26thMay 26th
GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2May 26thMay 26th

Updates and Patches

GameVersionRelease DateDetails
Armello Trophiesv1.6Available NowPatch Notes
Drawn to Deathv2.08Available NowPatch Video Stream
N++ TrophiesUltimate EditionTBAContent Details
Paragonv.39.3Available NowPatch Notes
Siralim TrophiesInvasionAvailable NowPatch Notes
Siralim 2 TrophiesRenaissanceTBAPatch Notes
Star Trek OnlineNew Tier 6 Pilot starshipsAvailable NowContent Details
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