The Metronomicon Reveals Extended Gameplay Video

By NexusGrunt, 1 year ago
Only last month we revealed the new rhythm-based RPG, The Metronomicon. It's a unique concept, crossing party-based RPG elements including leveling up and spell casting, with rhythmic gaming elements.

The Metronomicon logo

To make this a little clearer, the team at Akupara Games has released a video that was recorded at the recent SXSW expo explaining and demonstrating the basics of the game. Over the course of the 15-minute duration of the clip, there's plenty of gameplay to see and developer Danny Garfield does his best to explain how it all works.

Additionally, the team has also released a new trailer for the upcoming title.

The Metronomicon will be released on Playstation 4 although the actual date is currently unknown.