Lloyd Kaufman Confirmed to Star in Victor Vran's Motörhead: Through the Ages

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
Independent film director and co-founder of Troma Entertainment Lloyd Kaufman, known for feature films The Toxic Avenger, Tromeo and Juliet, and plenty more, has bagged himself a starring role in the "Motörhead: Through The Ages" expansion that will be a part of the upcoming Victor Vran Overkill Edition. It will also be available to purchase on its own.

Within the game, each world will contain a hub that allows for demons to chill and recharge their batteries. For the band Motörhead, the pub has long been their hub. This particular hub is heavily inspired by the Rainbow Bar & Grill in West Hollywood, where the group's founding member Lemmy Kilmister happened to spend much of his time. Lloyd will play the role of the handy pub steward who will provide an ear and advice for players visiting the pub in-game.

In the real world, Lloyd and Lemmy were good friends and Lemmy made several appearances in some of Troma's films:

Brought together by their mutual love of art, Lemmy never asked for a fee to appear in a Troma movie; all he asked for was a bottle of bourbon and a couple of “Tromettes” to keep him company, because as Lloyd will tell you, “it’s very boring on set for a Troma film!”
Achim Heidelauf, executive producer and creator of the expansion, had already planned for Lloyd to be a part of the DLC:

Lloyd always had to be a part of this game, he and Lemmy were such great friends and it just felt right. Also, Lloyd ‘convinced’ me during our time in prison, back then we worked on the Toxic Mayhem video game. Seriously - I truly believe that you couldn’t have a Motörhead game and not include Lloyd!
Take a look at the new set of screens that showcase the expansion as well as Lloyd's character, too:

Lastly, we have a video of the man himself as Lloyd talks about the upcoming game, his good friend Lemmy, and his role in the expansion:

Victor Vran is currently still slated for a Spring release.

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Written by Ashley Woodcock
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