Watch_Dogs 2 Free Update and No Compromise DLC Details

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
A content-filled update is now available in Watch_Dogs 2. We have a few details as to what's included with this as well as more on the upcoming "No Compromise" DLC coming today. The first part of the two-part content rollout, being the update, will include a new competitive multiplayer mode, armoured trucks in raid and hack, a paintball rifle, and new outfits.

There's going to be plenty of competitiveness with the new update thanks to the two new multiplayer match types: races and Showd0wn. Players who've had a go at the drone, motorcross, and/or eKart races from the single player will be very familiar with the four-player versions of these modes that are available in the update. No one will have access to a vehicle that is better than another so being victorious will come down to player skill, speed, and confidence. Players will remain in the same groups until people leave and can vote after each match for which race and/or map they want to try out next.

Ubisoft gives us the rundown on how Showd0wn works:

By contrast, Showd0wn is a much less friendly contest. Showdown’s 2v2 team matches are no-rules battles intended for experienced players. Pushing you to use all your skills to get an edge against your opponents, Showd0wn cycles you through three different match types at locations around the map: Hack the Servers, in which one team has to defend three terminals while the other team tries to hack them; Steal the HDD, a race to grab hard drives that spawn in tough-to-reach locations, with the match going to the first team to collect three; and Doomload, in which teams compete to download data by getting as close as possible to a hard-to-defend node while keeping their opponents away.
Dubbed as endgame content, players who think they're the best can try to prove so against other highly skilled players. This multiplayer mode can be looked at as an additional challenge for those who have become one with the skills and tools of the main game. Even if you're just a keen run and gunner, you'll need more than just your shooting skills to come out on top against the opposing team. "Hacking and Doomload" objectives will appear in areas that can be tough to defend as available cover will be minimal. HDDs may spawn in locations that will need the use of a drone to reach or a bit of creative thinking.

Free Update / No Compromise Screens

Communication will be key as always so being on a team with silent randoms against a fully co-ordinated party of four will likely result in a bad loss for your group. Talking teams will be able to use their hacking skills to lock down entrances and create traps. Players will also be able to inform others of vehicles that can be used for cover or as a platform to reach a higher area that may be home to a particular objective.

Frédéric Vincent, Showd0wn’s game designer, wants players to play the way they want to:

We wanted to allow players to use whatever play styles they want. If they want to play stealthy and try to use nonlethal weapons, they can, because you can complete all the objectives without killing anyone. It’s a little bit harder when you face another player, but it’s a possibility, and if a player wants to try that, they can.
The Moscow Gambit operation in the "No Compromise" DLC will be a series of new story missions following the game's main man Marcus as he hacks his way into an adult-film studio on a mission to humiliate the director of a DedSec porn parody. This director has also "been on the hacker collective’s radar for more sinister reasons for a long time". The director is connected to the kind of people that could bring a quick end to Marcus' life so despite the amusing visuals that players will undoubtedly see throughout the studio, the battle will be pretty intense against the well-armed Russian mobsters.

Free Update / No Compromise Screens

The DLC pack also offers six new single-player time trials, an air shotgun that can neutralise enemies in a non-lethal manner, and a sniper stun rifle that is pretty much a long-range version of Marcus' stun gun. There's also Emergency Services customization items that allow Marcus to wear either a police, firefighter, or paramedic uniform. Grab yourself the appropriate vehicle to go with the uniform thanks to the Cars on Demand app. Each of the new outfits and vehicles will also come with a unique ability as explained by Ubisoftt:

For example, each costumes gives Marcus a new emote for use on civilians; as a police officer, he can order people to walk away, and as a paramedic, he can wake unconscious people (even if he’s the one who beat them up in the first place). Meanwhile, the vehicles let you do things like use NetHack while driving.
The free update is available now for Watch_Dogs 2. The "No Compromise" DLC will be available to download today.

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