NBA Playgrounds Gameplay Detailed in New Trailer

By Ashley Woodcock,
If you're looking forward to breaking ankles, posterizing players, and bagging some stylish wins in Saber Interactive's upcoming NBA Playgrounds, then the details provided on the gameplay in this newly released video should prove very useful. Learn about the shooting, dunking, defending, a new lottery pick system, and player upgrades.


The game will be easy to pick up and play, but a challenge to master. Timing will be the key for scoring points — perfectly timed dunks or field goal attempts that successfully go in will be rewarded with an extra point. Those willing to put in the time and practice will need to become familiar with the animations of their player as they shoot, layup, and dunk if they are to get the edge over their opponent.

Defence will play a critical role in NBA Playgrounds but, again, it will be tough to master. A player won't be able to steal the ball from their opponent by simply spamming the button to steal. Timing and positioning will be key to obtaining possession. On the flip side, a step in the wrong direction or a poorly timed steal attempt will leave your opponent with an opportunity to blow past you and dunk the ball or shoot a wide-open shot. If you're not too solid with the defence, including what will need to be perfect timing to jump and block dunks or jump shots, you can just simply push your opponent over. This isn't an illegal move when it comes to the playground.


A lottery pick system will also be part of the balling madness and will reward players with short term bonuses that include the likes of super speed shoes, extra heights on dunks, more accurate shot attempts, and even double scoring 3-point shots. Build up your lottery bar momentum by racking up points but be warned, playing dirty and pushing down your opponent will remove some of your gained momentum.

See these key features in action as well as brief details on upgrading players too:

NBA Playgrounds releases digitally on the Playstation 4 next month.

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