Race the Sun Update Coming, Brings PS VR Support

By Brandon Fusco,
The developer behind Race The Sun has announced an update for the game, which will include a new first person camera, a new game mode, and support for PS VR.


  • As part of the inclusion of support for PS VR, the developers found that some players preferred a first person camera, which will be included for all users. PS VR users can continue to use the 3rd person camera if they choose.
  • Sunrise mode does away with the constraints of the normal gameplay, allowing players to simply fly about. You'll no longer be chasing the sun, and the game will not get any more difficult as your play progresses.
  • New portal destinations will also be added and will cycle daily. These new locations mix things up so portals don't always lead to the same Void destination.
This update will be going live on April 18th for all PS4 users. The developer has not mentioned whether any of these updates will make it to the Vita version of Race the Sun.

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Brandon Fusco
Written by Brandon Fusco
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