Weekend Headlines March 31st - April 2nd Part 2: Project CARS 2, WipEout & More

By Rebecca Smith,
Here is the rest of the news from the weekend.

Period Cube: Shackles of Amadeus (Vita)

While searching for your older brother, you join the online RPG "Arcadia" in the hope that you'll find some clues to his whereabouts. You are drawn towards a mysterious light before losing consciousness, only to awaken and find yourself in the middle of the game's fantasy world. The only way to escape is to beat the game, but when the game's world is crumbling and falling apart around you, you'll need to rely on your ever-growing powers to survive. The title will be released for Playstation Vita on April 28th.

Plague Road

Just four months ago, this rogue-like turn-based strategy title was successfully Kickstarted. In what must be a turn-up for the books, the game has just been submitted for QA testing meaning that it is hopefully nearing release. In the meantime, take a look at the new trailer that shows exactly what type of hell you'll be facing when you return to the plague ridden town.

Bokuhime Project CARS 2

If the first title in the franchise is anything to go by, this might just be the start of a deluge. For now, we just have nine new screenshots to show you, which shouldn't crash your device anytime soon.

Runner 3

The latest title in the Runner franchise is taking a slightly different approach to gameplay this time around. Now, Runner doesn't just run endlessly. Instead, he can freely wander through levels in any direction and even pause if you wish. You'll only want to pause for a few moments though, or you'll become prey to the Eye Bats. This change of pace really suits the game's Retro Levels where there is a lot to see and do. The Retro Levels are made up of three distinct worlds, each of which has nine levels and a boss battle. Each of the levels will be short but will task players with finding a new collectible, the Gildans, which look like gold coins. Take a look at the new gameplay in action below.

Full Kiss Shiness

Developer Enigami introduced us to two secret areas that players will be able to find in the title due to release later this month. The first is the Room of the Nine Pillars. This area can only be reached through elemental doors that are scattered throughout the game, but to open them you must be at a certain elemental affinity level. You can increase your elemental affinity with the spells that you cast in battle, but you'll need to decide which elements you want to prioritise because you won't be able to max out all of the elements at once. Each door opens onto a platform that contains loot and opening all of the doors will allow access to the final platform, which is promised to pit players against the "biggest challenge in the game".

Secret Areas

There is also a room that thanks to players who backed the game on Kickstarter. In this room is the Meteorite of the Heroes, a meteorite that is inscribed with mysterious symbols. The symbols are actually Latin characters that list the names of everybody who backed the project at $250 or more. A bigger surprise comes in the form of statues of ancient heroes, each of which is a likeness to those who backed the project at more than $350.

Secret Areas

Full Kiss StarBlood Arena

Full Kiss StarBlood Arena has gone gold prior to its release on April 12th. To prepare players for what they're about to face, developer WhiteMoon Dreams released a new trailer outlining the game's features.

Full Kiss Sudden Strike 4

With this strategy title's release approaching within the next couple of months, publisher Kalypso Media began a new video series titled General's Handbook. The first video gives players the lowdown on the general gameplay.

The Surge

This action-RPG is set in the near future where events have evolved in a none-too-favourable way. Profits are preferred to ethics, workers are mere tools and robots and AI have a very important part in our lives. Only a handful of companies dominate the global market. CREO Industries has just received a large amount of government funding to solve the process of climate change, drought and over-population. They created Project RESOLVE that sends rockets into space at alarming frequency. These rockets deposit chemical agents into the atmosphere to allow it to heal and stabilize.

Protagonist Warren isn't really happy about joining CREO but he needs a job. Unfortunately, he realises too late that something is wrong. After a painful operation, he awakens in the midst of a junkyard. His suit doesn't work properly and the disassembly bots want the valuable technology back, even if that means cutting it out of him without sedation. If Warren is to survive, he needs to head back into the factory for some answers.

Weekend Headlines 1/4/17

Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception

A series of trailers has been released for this upcoming adventure title. The first is a story trailer, describing how players begin atop a snowy mountain. The game's protagonist Haku wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings while wearing nothing but a hospital gown. He's rescued by a girl named Kuon and together, they will travel across Yamato while encountering new characters, building relationships and battling enemies.

The second trailer introduces Haku while the third brings Kuon into the limelight.

Finally, players are introduced to Ukon. He's a mercenary and unrefined hired hand. If the price is right, he'll shed blood without asking any questions.

WipEout Omega Collection

As well as all of the tracks and ships from WipEout HD, Fury and 2048, the game will include 28 licensed music tracks from artists such as Swedish House Mafia, Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. After you've tried each of the game's career modes, there will also be a racebox mode where you can customise your own races. Players will be able to get their hands on this title on June 6th in North America and June 7th in Europe. In the meantime, take a look at this new trailer.

Dragon Quest X Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku OfflineMorph Defense

Continuing with the gameplay videos, this weekend's video shows the starting moments of a level. Each mission begins with a harvester core landing sequence. The core drops down from the earth's orbit, stopping just before impact above the ground. The shockwave from this drop destroys everything in the surrounding area so that space is cleared for the core to transform into a stationary structure.

Release Dates

GameNorth AmericaEurope
Akiba's BeatMay 16thMay 19th
GNOGMay 2ndMay 2nd
Last Stitch GoodnightMay 9thMay 9th
Lichtspeer (Vita)April 11thApril 11th
Period Cube: Shackles of Amadeus (Vita)April 28thApril 28th
Utawarerumono: Mask of DeceptionMay 23rdMay 23rd
WipEout Omega CollectionJune 6thJune 7th

Updates and Patches

GameVersionRelease DateDetails
Horizon Zero Dawn1.12Available NowPatch Notes
Killing Floor 21.07Available NowPatch Notes
LET IT DIE1.08Available NowPatch Notes
Mantis Burn Racing--Available NowPatch Notes
Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition--Available NowGlide mini game leaderboard fixed
Paragonv.39Available NowPatch Notes
The King of Fighters XIV2.00Available NowPatch Notes
Ys Origin--Available NowComplete changelog in the "update history" of the game
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