Weekend Headlines March 17-19th: Prey, Paladins, Persona 5 and More

By Rebecca Smith,
SXSW may not have brought along many announcements but it did bring along a fair amount of news for other titles. You guessed it... we've had to split it into two parts. Here's the lowdown on everything that you may have missed over the weekend:

Akiba's Beat

When ACQUIRE's upcoming RPG is released in Europe, players who pre-order the title at select retailers will receive a special pre-order bonus — a lovable Pinkun plushie. Those select retailers include GAME, Amazon, Shopto, Micromania and Gamestop. You have until spring to pre-order the game on Playstation 4 or Vita.


Almighty: Kill Your Gods

Almighty will have different types of Guardians for players to encounter. Developer Runwild Entertainment shared a prototype of the Behemoth Guardian. There is still work to do on the character, including its final appearance.

Birthdays the Beginning

The third developer diary has arrived for Birthdays. The game's creator Yasuhiro Wada introduces the aspects of the game that centre around a "Celebrate" theme.

Blackwood Crossing

Blackwood Crossing is a title that is quite surreal. The story is driven by rules and logic that wouldn't ever apply in the real world. The game has mysterious characters that wear masks, and juxtaposed locations like the train carriage that has a tree growing out of it. You can get a look at some of this surrealism in the screenshots below.

Caveman Warriors

Not only will our brave cave folk have to face dinosaurs and other cannibals, they'll also have to face more unusual enemies like angry motor riders and the Cross Bone Army. The latter will outnumber you but that shouldn't be a problem, right?

Children of Zodiarcs

Cardboard Utopia's upcoming RPG will be available to try at EGX Rezzed from March 30th. To celebrate that fact, they released a new extended trailer for the game:


On May 26th, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 will be released in North America on Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 and it will come in several varieties. Players who own Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- will be able to purchase the content as an upgrade on PS4 or PS3 for $19.99. Alternatively, PS4 players can purchase the content as a standalone title both physically and digitally for $39.99. For now, check out some new screenshots that accompanied the announcement.


Two more all-too-brief snippets arrived for Iconoclasts. Take a look at teasers #6 and #7.

Lost Ember

We've had a few months of silence since this title was successfully funded on Kickstarter, but Mooneye Studios has made up for this with a developer diary showing everything that they've been up to since that point. Plans for the world, animals and story are finalised and a very basic build of the world has been created. Take a look at how they're getting on:


The next champion to enter the realm proves that nobody escapes the reaches of the law. Meet Lex, the Hand of Justice.

Persona 5 (JP)

We had a variety of trailers for Persona 5, which is due to be released on April 4th. The first shows the "Phantom Thieves beat down Shadows and take down names".

The second introduces two characters, Caroline and Justine.

The Velvet Room is place where Personas can be experimented on with reckless abandon, but there's a catch. (Remember, there's ALWAYS a catch.) Since the protagonist is a prisoner of his own Velvet Room, he must earn the privilege of being a Persona mad scientist. Although basic fusion and registration are immediately available to the prisoner, features such as advanced/network fusion, training, strengthening, and others are not. That's where the Twin Wardens Caroline and Justine come in. Not only are they Igor's assistants, but they also happen to be the "rehabilitation" officers who will be overseeing the protagonist during his stay. By spending time with them (completing prison work), additional fun experimentation options will unlock. Oh, and in case you can't tell them apart, Caroline is the mean one and Justine is the nice one.

The third and final trailer introduces a slightly unique pre-order bonus. Those who pre-order the standard edition of the game in America will receive a DualShock 4 Wireless Controller skin that features The Phantom Thieves.

Pixel Noir

Despite this trailer's claim that Pixel Noir is arriving "soon", we're not expecting to see the title until the early months of 2018. At least we have some new gameplay footage to view for the RPG-inspired detective game:


Those of you who hate spoilers should move on to the next title in the list because below lies the first 35 minutes of Prey. It's Morgan's first day on the job, but he has a suspicion that everything may not be as it seems. Then all hell breaks loose and his world comes crashing down. Can he survive?

Remothered: Tormented Fathers

Remothered is a survival horror title where players will need to evade their stalkers as they take on the role of Rosemary. There will be plenty of unpredictable murderers and fanatics, so how will you ever survive? Developer Darril Arts gives you some hints and tips:


Your stalkers will follow your footsteps and you have to hide from them. They will never give up. Just like when playing hide-and-seek, you have to hide if you want to keep playing. In the very unpleasant event your enemy uncovers you, very bad things can happen…

Don’t make a sound

When your enemy hears a sound, he will immediately move toward the place it comes from. You have to be very quiet when exploring the house – crouch or move slowly in order to avoid noises. You have to be as quiet as possible – not making any sound is very important.

Diversion items

These items can be useful to make noises and attract your enemies to specific spots inside the house. You can use diversion items to deceive them. Another strategy is to attract your stalker, therefore attacking him with another object. It’s up to you, but, remember, your enemies will never die!

Hiding spots

When you hide, your stalker will examine the hiding spots inside the room. Of course, you don’t want to be uncovered. When there’s an enemy looking for you, tension can be pretty high. During these events, you have to monitor your anxiety with specific challenges. If you overcome these challenges, then you are safe.

Non-standard attacks

Enemies can reach points that are out of your range. If you want to survive, you have to avoid their dangerous assaults!
Join us for part 2 where we get more trailers, more screenshots, and a lot of patches and release dates.
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