Injustice 2 Details Paid Currency and Firestorm Unveiled as Fighter

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
Injustice 2 is only two months shy of release at this point and the media blitz is gearing up. We've had reveals and details for weeks now and things aren't slowing down.

The first information released today involves the game's currencies. Unfortunately, it will be bad news to many of you. The game features a currency called Source Crystals. You get them from real money and you use them to buy cosmetic skins. Since you can collect gear with stats in Injustice 2, you'll need to use those crystals to customize its looks if you prefer different skins or colors. The Harley skin below is an example.


While the developer assures that there is no pay to win going on here, the currency is not limited to cosmetics. Beyond the skins, you'll also be able to level any other character up to the maximum level of 20, as long as you've already leveled one character to level 20 through normal gameplay. If you're concerned, you can read the FAQ on the official announcement.

In brighter news, there's a new trailer showing Batman's side of the story and a few of his...unique....allies.

The newest hero to join the Injustice family is the infamous Firestorm. He's an interesting man who often has multiple minds inhabiting one body. An interesting combination, but he's a hero despite it all and one who'll no doubt take sides in the game.

He's just happy to be here!He's just happy to be here!

Injustice 2 will launch on May 19th for Playstation 4.
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