TT Podcast Episode 31 - Trophy Talk

By Brandon Fusco, 1 year ago
Welcome to another edition of the TT Podcast! We're 31 episodes in, and we're finally having a proper discussion about our favorite trophies. It's about time, don't you think?

This week's episode brings news that NieR Automata has a shop where you can buy trophies for in-game currency. Rocket League won't be getting a sequel, but it will be getting a new game mode. If you're planning on farming XP in Overwatch: Origins Edition thanks to the new custom game system, think again, for your own good.

That's just the teaser for this week's edition of your free content talking, save game importing, PlayStationing Nowing TrueTrophies Podcast!


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Brandon Fusco
Written by Brandon Fusco
Brandon is an Editor and TT's Host with the Most. The most what? The most opinions, the most understanding wife, and the most *funny cat videos. Be sure to catch him on the TrueTrophies Podcast and the TGN YouTube channel. (*Not Verified)