Battlefield 1 Developers Discuss Gameplay Changes That Arrived Alongside New DLC

By VestedTomb32, 1 year ago
While we have already been covering the recently released DLC for Battlefield 1, there were also a few smaller changes discussed that came out alongside the robust DLC package.

They Shall Not Pass

These changes include the following highlights:

Party Leader Feature

Every party will now have a party leader, usually the party creator, identified by a star. The party leader is in charge of joining a multiplayer game for the party. All other party members will be notified when the party leader has found a game. A normal party member can still join a multiplayer session but other party members will not get notified for it.

Grenade Changes

As part of an ongoing effort to address excessive use of explosive gadgets and grenades, we changed the way grenades resupply for this release. The goal for these changes is to reduce the amount of grenades available while getting constantly resupplied, as it is common in choke points, without making resupplies unnecessarily long in other gameplay. Similar to some gadgets, all grenades slowly resupply when out of ammo. This resupply is greatly sped up when near an ammo crate.

User Interface

Emblem Reporting: In addition to the End of Round scoreboard, reporting emblems is now possible to do from the in-game scoreboard as well.

Notifications: The previous mid screen popup notification system has been replaced with a new notification system showing notifications in the upper left corner of the screen instead. This improvement has also solved a number of popup related issues.

New melee weapons in Puzzles screen: There are now three new melee weapons to complete with puzzle pieces gained in Battlepacks.
They Shall Not Pass

Of course, there are many, many additional changes, which are available below under the spoiler tag.

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Battlefield 1 is available now for all of your World War I combat needs. The new DLC, "They Shall Not Pass", is available now for Premium Pass holders and will be coming March 28th for the general gaming public.