PaperSeven Announces Release Date For Blackwood Crossing

By Andy Mills,
An important update for Blackwood Crossing as developer PaperSeven have announced the release date for their adventure game on Twitter.

Blackwood Crossing release date

Alongside that rather quick announcement, the team have also discussed the two main characters Scarlett and Finn and the sibling bond between the two.
Blackwood Crossing sibling screenshots

While the team at PaperSeven said they didn't realise it during development, looking back they realised that the relationship between Finn and Scarlett took a lot from many of the relationships that members of the team had with their siblings in real life, which they hope makes it feel more believable.

Not only that, but the PaperSeven team hope to reflect the challenges that come with age difference between the two. Finn is used to being the confident 10-year old at primary (elementary for those in the US) school while Scarlett has to deal with the opposite situation at secondary (high) school and everything new that comes with that experience. With these differences causing them to drift apart, it hurts Finn even more as Scarlett acts as the connection to their now-deceased parents who passed when Finn was very young.
Blackwood Crossing sibling screenshots

As you saw previously, Blackwood Crossing will launch on PS4 on April 5th. If the relationship between the two is somehow shown in-game as interestingly as the developers have described it here, it could very well be one to keep an eye out for due to that aspect alone.

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