More Details Released for Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

By Kelly Packard, 2 years ago
FDG Entertainment recently took to their blog to post some clarification points about their upcoming entry into the Wonder Boy series, Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom. This isn't a bad idea, considering the surprising amount of Wonder Boy games on the market lately. In addition to The Cursed Kingdom, there is also the upcoming Wonder Boy and the Dragon's Trap and a remake of the first game on PC called Wonderboy Returns.

FDG clarified that The Cursed Kingdom is a sequel to the other Wonder Boy in Monster World games, the fifth entry in the series to be exact. They avoided calling it Wonder Boy in Monster World V due to name differences all across the world; for example, in Brazil, the game was marketed based on a popular comic book character and had a different name entirely. This way, it can stand on its own while still being close to what many know as the original name.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

The game is considered an official successor and the development team has been working with Ryuichi Nishizawa, formerly of Westone Bit Entertainment, one of the original developers. All of FDG's assets have been licensed and there are strong parallels between this entry and the others. The Cursed Kingdom contains references to the other Monster World games but stands on its own to offer a fresh experience.

The core mechanics of the original games are preserved but modernized at the same time. Players can expect "increased pacing and a wider range of combat moves, level and puzzle designs. You'll even be able to turn whole rooms upside down and shake them up for some puzzle solving." Of course, animal transformations have always been a huge theme, and the animals in question will be "Human, Pig, Snake, Frog, Lion and Dragon form." Each form is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses, and players will be rewarded for utilizing the many animals to reach secret spots in the game.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

According to FDG, the game is "around 10 hours" long. They also spoke a bit about the level structure:

You'll explore a completely interconnected open world that allows you to go everywhere based on your abilities. You may find a path locked for a while but it opens up once you found new equipment or a new animal form. Make sure to remember previously closed pathways so you can return later and explore every corner in the game.
Unfortunately, although Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom has been in development for more than three years, there is no release date yet. The game was recently announced to be coming to the Nintendo Switch, so maybe we'll hear something concrete sooner rather than later.

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