NA PS Store Discounts: February 28th, 2017

By Marc Caccamise,
Guess what everyone: today is March 1st, which means we've already zoomed through the first two months of the year. It's just like that common saying, though: time really does fly when there's a ton of great games to play, and 2017 has been full of them so far.

To ring in the third month, the EA publisher sale from last week has been extended for an additional week and will end on March 7th instead. On top of that, 505 Games has a publisher sale of their own that inlcudes titles like ABZU, ADR1FT, and Sniper Elite 3. Meanwhile, there's a Grand Theft Auto V sale all on its own, and PlayStation Plus members are also getting an exclusive sale this week. All of these discounts are valid until next Tuesday, March 7th at 11 AM Eastern / 8 AM Pacific.

505 Games Publisher Sale

PlayStation 4 Games

TitleFull PriceSale Price
Assetto Corsa$49.99$24.99
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons$19.99$5.99
Defense Grid 2$14.99$1.49
Pixel Piracy$14.99$2.24
Sniper Elite 3$29.99$10.49

PlayStation 4 DLC

TitleDLCFull PriceSale Price
Assetto CorsaSeason Pass$29.99$14.99
Gems of WarThe Motherlode$99.99$69.99
HAWKENStarter Pack$9.99$4.99
Payday 2: Crimewave EditionThe Big Score DLC Bundle$39.99$19.99
The Big Score Game Bundle$49.99$16.49

PlayStation 3 Games

TitleFull PriceSale Price
How to Survive$14.99$4.49
Sniper Elite 3 (PS3)$24.99$8.74

Grand Theft Auto V Sale

PlayStation 4 Games

TitleFull PriceSale Price
Grand Theft Auto V$59.99$29.99
- Great White Shark Cash Card Bundle$75.99$37.99
- Whale Shark Cash Card Bundle$98.99$44.54
- Megalodon Shark Cash Card Bundle$135.99$61.19
PS Plus 2/28/17

PlayStation 4 Games

TitleFull PricePlus Price
Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits$14.99$7.49
Destroy All Humans!$19.99$11.99
Destroy All Humans! 2$19.99$11.99
FAHRENHEIT - Indigo Prophecy$14.99$7.49
FU'UN SUPER COMBO$14.99$10.49
Grand Theft Auto III$14.99$7.49
Grand Theft Auto Vice City$14.99$7.49
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas$14.99$7.49
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy$34.99$17.49
Hot Shots Tennis$9.99$5.99
Max Payne$14.99$7.49
OKAGE: Shadow King$9.99$5.99
PaRappa the Rapper 2$9.99$4.99
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords$9.99$4.99
Red Dead Revolver$14.99$7.49
Red Faction$14.99$8.99
Rise of the Kasai$14.99$8.99
Samurai Shodown VI$14.99$10.49
Star Wars Bounty Hunter$9.99$2.99
Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter$9.99$4.99
Star Wars: Racer Revenge$9.99$2.99
The King of Fighters 2000$9.99$4.99
The Mark of Kri$14.99$4.49
The Warriors$14.99$7.49
Twisted Metal: Black$9.99$2.99
Marc Caccamise
Written by Marc Caccamise
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