Shinbi Joins The Paragon Roster As Her World Tour Begins

By Jon,
Paragon is still in early-access but the roster just keeps expanding. The massive Monolith patch has fundamentally changed the way that Epic Games' MOBA plays, but even with the gameplay overhaul the developer is still keeping to the promised schedule of new heroes.

Available today, Shinbi is the latest melee assassin to join the ranks and she's a little more 'peppy' then the rest of the champions. Shinbi is a world famous pop-star modeled after K-POP/J-Pop Idols that uses Spirit Wolves along with lethal blades to put on a performance no one will ever forget. Here's the basic rundown of Shinbi's abilities:

New hero - Shinbi

Rushing Beat (R1) - Shinbi dashes forward passing through enemies and dealing damage, she can also re-trigger quickly after to dash again

Line Tempo (Square) - A Spirit Wolf is summoned and runs out in a straight line, passing through minions and dealing damage. The wolf explodes on contact with an enemy Hero

Circle Rhythm (Circle) - Shinbi summons four Spirit Wolves that circle her for 4 seconds, which deal damage and heal Shinbi for each hit

All-Kill! (Triangle) - Passive: All of Shinbi’s abilities apply +1 Spirit Wolf stack per hit to enemy Heroes, building up to eight stacks. Active: When activated a pack of Spirit Wolves attack the closest target with the highest number of Wolf stacks, sending one Wolf per stack.
Finally, here's Shinbi's hero overview that lets you see just how flashy her skills are in action.

Paragon is available now for the Playstation 4 and don't worry, trophies will becoming in a later patch.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Paragon trophies.
Written by Jon
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