A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV to Be Free Starting March 1st

By Kelly Packard,
Today Square Enix has revealed they will be releasing A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV as a free download available to everyone starting March 1st, as reported by Gematsu. The title was formerly only available as a Final Fantasy XV preorder bonus exclusive to select retailers.

AKTL FFXV Screens 4

The game is a side-scroller with retro graphics. In A King's Tale, which occurs 30 years before the events of FFXV, a young Noctis asks his father to tell him a bedtime tale, and King Regis weaves an exciting tale of him and his buddies warding off invaders. The combat featured counters and combos, summons, magic, and King Regis' three pals fighting alongside the player, of course.

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Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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