Son of Scoregasm Announced for Vita

By Peter Stojanov, 4 years ago
Son of Scoregasm is an upcoming twin-stick shooter designed to be unique among others in its genre.

Not only are you able to shoot repeatedly and fire beams in this game, but your ship is able to emit a 'pulse'. This pulse is very important to the gameplay as it assists with objects in a level, crowd control, and banking in extra points. As you destroy more enemies with the pulse, it increases an in-game multiplier that boosts your points. Maps boast a flurry of enemies that swarm you, objects that could kill you, and overwhelming odds as an army of ships fire at you to prevent your little ship from progressing. View the gameplay in greater detail with the trailer below.

There is no official release date for Son of Scoregasm as of yet, but Charlie of Charlie's Games (the creator) said that it should be coming out around June 2014. It will be available on PlayStation Vita via PlayStation Network.

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