X-Morph: Defense Is Coming to Playstation 4 Later This Year

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
Developer EXOR Studios already has a title under the belt in the form of Zombie Driver HD. It offers unique zombie-filled vehicular combat and the studio's upcoming offering looks to offer another top-down experience of a slightly different kind with a title that mixes twin-stick shooting with tower-defense.

X-Morph: Defense Screens

X-Morph: Defense sees the player taking on the role of an X-Morph. These are a particular alien species that will be coming to invade Earth, harvest its resources and terraform the surface. Build different alien towers and construct mazes to slow down your incoming enemies. Destroy buildings and structures to help support your defense and satisfy your destructive needs, or pull out a unique range of alien weapons and dive straight into the battle.

The setup phases that take place before each enemy wave will allow you to check which types of enemies are about to attack you and from where they will be approaching. The phase comes without a time limit so you can spend as much time as you need carefully co-ordinating your plan of attack and placing defense towers. Once you're ready to roll, hop into your X-Morph and engage the enemy head on.

With the development studio looking to make the game play well as both a shooter and a tower-defense strategy title, players looking for a shooter fix after setting up their defenses have a lot of different features and options to play with. Pawel Lekki, producer and designer at EXOR Studios, provides the details:

If you prefer the shooter approach, you can upgrade your ship and unlock all the X-Morph fighter’s forms. Each form has a basic attack and a special charged attack mode. The Plasma Fighter is the most universal form that’s good at destroying both air and ground units. The Dark Matter Bomber is great at decimating groups of ground units; it can also slow down time and release a dark matter bomb that can cut down buildings. The Shredder is perfect for annihilating large numbers of human air units and clearing the sky. And the Laser Destroyer is best for smelting large single units. It can also charge up a gravitational anomaly that sucks in smaller enemy units. When enemy fire becomes too intense you can switch into the so-called “ghost” mode at any time to avoid enemy fire (this may be very familiar to Ikaruga fans).
Players will be able to enjoy a lot of freedom in the game as towers can be placed almost anywhere on the map. Without the limitations of marked areas or predefined slots, this allows for more creativity and grows the potential for more interesting pathways and mazes.

With such wonderful-sounding creativity also comes great levels of destruction. Pretty much everything can be flattened from buildings and bridges to forests, fences and more. Once a structure goes down and blocks a pathway, enemies will make their way around it. However, simply blocking an entire path won't block the entire range of enemies coming for you, as some will jump over buildings while others have the ability to crawl under laser fences, for example. Different enemies will require different defenses to take them down. Choose from flame, laser, anti air missile towers and more to stop the likes of enemies in packs, heavy armour enemies or even incoming drone swarms.

Split-screen mode will be available for some good old couch co-op. Two players can dive into the co-op campaign included in the game and split up the tasks to potentially make life a little bit easier. More enemies and additional attack directions will be included in each co-op level to increase the difficulty.

Here's the short list of key features included with the game:


  • Build your towers anywhere on the map.
  • Destroy obstacles, collapse buildings and bridges to change enemy paths.
  • Connect towers with laser fences that block enemy movement.
  • Smart enemies - there are no predefined enemy paths. Enemies adapt to the changing battlefield and your tower placement, making the challenge a lot more interesting.
  • Advanced tower types - different kinds of enemies require different defense strategies. Build advanced towers to counter special enemies.


  • Don't wait for your enemies - engage them directly with the X-Morph fighter.
  • Morph into four distinct fighter forms, each one with a different weapon and special ability.


  • Fight huge, building size, mechanical war machines. Each boss fight is unique and heavily influences the gameplay environment. Entire cities will be destroyed.


  • Fend off the human threat with a friend at your side.


  • X-Morph:Defense is powered by EXOR Studios' proprietary Schmetterling game engine.
  • Dynamic building destruction system. Every building in the game can be destroyed piece by piece. Realistic physics simulation makes every destruction scenario unique.
  • PhysX by NVIDIA.
The decent selection of screens shows off a ton. There are a large variety of buildings, vehicles, different areas and one screen that also showcases the split-screen mode in action:

The announcement trailer showcases the game in action with maze creating, tower building, enemy halting, and plenty more:

Destruction is in full-force in the next two videos. The first takes place on the Canada map while the second is in an unknown location:

The maze creations, an important feature of the upcoming game, is showcased in the following two videos. First up we have Russia, followed secondly by South Africa:

Next up, we have a short clip of groups of enemies being decimated:

The split screen can be seen in action again, this time in video form as two players take on South Africa:

Finally, a couple of boss fights take place against some pretty mean looking enemies in Japan and South Africa, respectively:

X-Morph: Defense will be making its way to the Playstation 4 later this year.

We've got the full list of X-Morph: Defense trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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