Typoman Trailer Spells Trouble

By MegsonGrove, 1 year ago
Typoman: Revised will be coming to Playstation 4 this month. As well as some more details to share with you, we also have a launch trailer for the game.


Playstation is a little late to the party with the game having received many Indie awards already from its original release. The game sees you using words to change the world around you, and here are just some of the features you can expect from the game -

  • Wield the power of altering the world by by creating, changing or destroying words
  • Solve ingenious and challenging puzzles with a unique aesthetic mix of typography and pen & ink graphics
  • Captivating, carefully drafted, on-the-fly told story using witty word puzzles and puns
  • Surreal, atmospheric game world
  • Featuring Leaderboards, Achievements and two unlockable Mini Games
  • Distinct soundtrack specifically composed for the game
To accompany this, we've got a brand new launch trailer for the game, which shows you just how spelling your way out of trouble might look. PART might be a TRAP, and rearrange NOPE to OPEN to get through a locked gate. Check it out for yourself in the trailer below.

Typoman will be releasing on Playstation 4 on Feburary 17th.