8-Bit Armies Announced For Consoles

By Lexley Ford,
Publisher SOEDESCO has announced that they will be bringing Petroglyph Games' 8-Bit Armies to consoles. The game will be available in both digital and boxed versions later this year and will also include all of the content from the "Guardians Campaign" DLC.

8-Bit Armies

The Petroglyph team has a rich history when it comes to strategy games, with the executive staff and many of its team members being veterans of Westwood Studios. 8-Bit Armies is the latest RTS from Petroglyph and will be their first title to have made its way onto consoles. It takes much of its inspiration from the early Command & Conquer games with “accessible gameplay mechanics and a timeless art style”. The console version will also feature a unique controller scheme designed to make it easier to “build bases and command large armies without complex button memorization”.


  • Jump right in with easy to understand modern military units and structures.
  • Play cooperatively or versus the AI choosing from multiple difficulty options.
  • Use classic RTS Base-Building mechanics to construct the ultimate HQ from which to attack your foes.
  • Explore a variety of locales, destroying everything that gets in your way with devastating superweapons.
  • Two campaigns with a total of 40 single-player combat missions for many hours of gameplay.
  • Join your friends to play 12 co-op missions against a variety of AI opponents.
  • Gather up to 8 online players to team up in one of the dozen multiplayer/skirmish maps.

8-Bit Armies will be available on consoles sometime this summer.

We've got the full list of 8-Bit Armies trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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