Sniper Elite 4 Launch Trailer and Season Pass Details

By Kevin Tavore,
Sniper Elite 4's name adequately describes its premise. You are a sniper in 1943, and you're stuck behind enemy lines in Italy. Fascist soldiers are everywhere, and you've got a mission to complete. Will you get to kill Mussolini? Only time will tell, but it seems even when you're done, the story won't be over. Today, developer Rebellion announced that the game would have a season pass, and they released a launch trailer to go with it.

Sights are set on a season pass.Sights are set on a season pass.

The season pass is hefty in both price and content. It includes the following:

All Pre-Order Bonuses
• Target: Führer campaign mission – Infiltrate a secret Mediterranean U-boat facility and use wits and creativity to take out the target in over 30 ways.
• Camouflage Rifle Skin Pack – Blend into the lush environments of wartime Italy with highly detailed skins for all seven of the game’s starting rifles, for use in any mode.

Three New Campaign Missions
• A completely new three-chapter campaign, separate from the main storyline, which features massive, diverse new environments that eventually lead Karl out of Italy for a thrilling finale.

Three Expansion Packs
• Each expansion pack will be released alongside a campaign mission, and they’ll each include 3 new weapons, 8 new weapon skins and 2 new characters.

Weapon and Character Packs
• Three further weapon packs – including silenced weapons, famous wartime Allied rifles, and equipment for taking on foes at close quarters...
• Three new characters for use in both co-op and multiplayer.
If that wasn't enough, more multiplayer maps are coming, and they're free to everyone. It's a huge amount of content, and it comes with a price to match. The season pass will run $34.99 / €34.99 / £29.99 and will be available at launch. Sniper Elite 4 releases on February 14th.

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