Redout to Receive Physical Release

By Kevin Tavore,
Redout is a game inspired by classic sci-fi racing franchises like F-Zero and Wipeout. Those games used to be plentiful, but nowadays they're more like unicorns. They're all about speed, skill and vertigo all mixed together. You'll have badass racing ships, and you'll pilot them across a huge number of futuristic environments from a dystopian city to the desert to the northern wastes.

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Each of the old games that inspired Redout are something of a collector's edition, and perhaps Redout will be as well. It's available digitally, of course, but it will also be coming to physical stores thanks to publisher 505 Games. The announcement video below shows off some new gameplay footage to celebrate:

Redout will launch on consoles later this year.

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Kevin Tavore
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